Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Stephen Sutton, Rest in Peace

I've followed the story of Stephen Sutton for quite a while now and his death in the early hours of this morning, announce a couple of hours ago has left me feeling quite emotional and tearful. 

But then I stop, Stephen wasn't emotional and tearful on his journey. I am sure that there were times when he was, but he put his energy into something important. He has helped raise a HUGE amount of money and awareness for charity, he has inspired cancer sufferers, and people like you and I to give 100%.

19 is no age to die, there is never a right age, but what I want to do is learn from Stephen's passing. Today, go and look at the sky, feel the warmth of the sun, look at the clouds, hug someone, do something nice for someone for no reward and try to find a way to make Stephen live on forever in how he changed your life. 

I think that will be his legacy to everyone. 

What do you think? 

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Such sad news. He was an incredible person who did amazing things in his darkest hours. I hope his legacy continues and we can all draw something from his example; the worls needs more kindness and positivity like his x

  2. I agree with you, my nan is currently terminally ill with cancer, stepthens passing makes me want to get out there and help raise money just like he did :) he as done so much, amazing person who well never be forgotten

    Catherine x


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