Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Top Tips For Curvy Girls

Let's face it, finding clothes to fit your body can be hard, especially when you're on the curvy side. It often feels like there's almost a uniform us larger ladies are expected to stick to and trot out of the wardrobe for every occasion (leggings and a tunic, anyone?). It doesn't have to be that way though. Knowing how to dress for your shape and what suits your body is key to looking great whatever your size just so happens to be. Some great tips for finding the right clothes for you are:

  • Invest in great underwear. No outfit is complete without the addition of some fabulous underwear. There is little point buying a pretty dress when it shows off all your lumps and bumps and makes you feel self-conscious. Large busted ladies should always get their bra size measured. Wearing the wrong size bra will make you look frumpy, dig in, show tell tale lumps and bumps under your clothes and above all won't provide you with the support you need. No one wants their chest to touch their stomach, so lift your assets. A proper bra will lift and support you in all the right places, making anything you wear look a hundred times better in an instant. Other great items to invest in are Bridget Jones style support undies. Not necessarily the big knickers favoured by Bridget herself, but you'll easily find the find the right underwear solution for you among the shaping underwear available.

  • Don't be afraid of colour. Many ladies shy away from colour, preferring instead to blend in with head to toe black. Perhaps choose a colourful maxi dress from George to help you stay cool and fashionable this spring and summer, include the tropical print that is popular this season in your wardrobe - or if you really can't tear yourself away from good old faithful black, accessorize it with colourful jewellery, bags and shoes instead.

  • Know the clothes that flatter your shape. Wrap dresses and tops are this curvy girls best friend, along with belts and anything else that follows the natural line of my body. If you have a large chest for example, there's no point trying to hide it under a turtle neck or ruffles, it just adds bulk and actually makes you look even bigger and rather matronly to boot. You're much better off making the most of your assets and wearing tops to flatter them - V necks for example are great for this. Ladies who have a smaller bust and larger hips are better off wearing darker colours on their bottom halves and lighter ones up top to even out their figures, and those who are more straight up and down should try to emphasise their waists with belts and detailing around the middle.

Dressing for your size can seem like a nightmare, but it really doesn't have to be. So find the right clothes for your body, stop hiding in the corners and shine like the beautiful woman you are.

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*In collaboration with George at Asda


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