Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bleach London, Reincarnation Mask Review

I think it's safe to say that I am evil to my hair. I bleach my hair more often than my moustache lately, I have been at it again just yesterday. (Hair that is, not moustache) 

purple and blue plaited hair

My name is Kellie and I have a bleach problem. 

(I have no more bleach, this is a problem)

My love of colourful and bright hair at different ends of the colour wheel means that lately, the bleach and I have become quite well acquainted, now while I now there are people out there than can really rock the shaven headed look. (Michelle, you always look fantabulous) I am not one of these people so I do not want my hair to break or just fall out. (That would be awkward, and may mean I have to start dying my moustache) 

So I recently went on a deep conditioner rampage and discovered that Bleach London, Reincarnation Mask is the equivalent of a hundred butterflies kissing my hair better. 

I kid you not, this stuff is AMAZING, the first time I used it my hair went from being frizzy and extremely dry to being just frizzy (what can I say, I have a LOT of hair and it just goes everywhere) 

purple hair

This was when it was parched and extremely angry at me. 

purple hair

And this was yesterday morning before I got the bleach out and after using it just once a week, including leaving it on overnight just one time. 

And THIS is after the bleaching yesterday.

purple and blue hair wavy

The Reincarnation Mask is EXACTLY that, it has brought back my poor dry, crispy hair and has reincarnated it into something soft, manageable and hydrated. Bleach London have a serious must-have product for everyone who dyes their hair. 

bleach london reincarnation mask

I purchased the Reincarnation Mask from Boots. Currently they are selling it for just £6.00 and I think they still have a 3 for 2 on. It is a large tube and I still have a lot left even after 3-4 applications. 

I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I don't do many reviews here, but when I do, it's because something I purchased has seriously impressed me. 

The Reincarnation Mask has done just that. 

It is a bathroom must-have. 

bleach london reincarnation mask tube

Have you used Bleach London Reincarnation Mask? What do you think?  Or will you be looking for it next time you are out?

Let me know,

Big Fashionista x x


  1. SOLD!
    I got my hair did yesterday and its suddenly feels reeeally dry. But I cant not rock the colours so bleach is a way of life... which means I should probably get me some of this stuff.
    LOVE the colour combo. xo

  2. Your hair always looks fab Kellie!



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