Monday, 9 June 2014

Jenga Girl Talk, review. Coz girls luv pink

Many a time I have watched people playing Jenga and wished that they had created a version that girls could play. As a delicate flower of a female, Jenga has been something that I could only aspire towards playing, I threw many an envious glance at the people who played Jenga without a care in the world, BOYS.

Then those clever Parker Bros saw that there were females like me out there and created.....

gender specific toys

FINALLY I COULD PLAY JENGA, the soothing pink shades meant that my feminine side was fulfilled, showing me that whilst I am a delicate flower, I too could play games that before were out of my reach.

AND because the creators of Jenga Girl Talk know that girls have a very short attention sp.....SHINY, they added easy questions to the side of some blocks so that our little brains could get some gentle exercise.

At first I was stumped, "What is your favourite website?" is certainly a tough one to answer, NO-ONE has ever asked MY opinion on such a male-dominated environment as TECHNOLOGY before. I quickly moved on to something a LOT easier, BOYS!!!!! Answering "Who do you have a crush on right now" is ALWAYS A WAY TO GET US GIRLIES TALKING. We just love boys so much. I was disappointed not to be asked what my favourite meal to cook was, and how long does a washing machine take on a 30 degree wash? but I am hoping that Jenga Girl talk will take on board constructive criticism and release a second edition. (fingers crossed)

Another thing that I was extremely grateful for was the microfiber sleeve that covered the blocks. After washing up for the last 45 minutes, my fingers were crying out for microfiber and Jenga Girl Talk certainly delivers. They know that the last thing girls want to do is touch something as icky and masculine as wood. so they wrap those solid wood blocks in pretty pink so that not only do we forget they are wood, we also don't realise that we are lifting something heavy.

EVERYTHING looks better when it is pink, doesn't it.

I give JENGA Girl Talk a 9 out of 10. It just misses out on being perfect because there are no flowers on it, or rainbows. or even a kitten. Girls love that shit don't they?

Big Fashionsta.

*Disclaimer, this is not a real review, although unfortunately, Jenga Girl Talk exists. I do not know why it exists, this makes me sad. in fact, no, it pisses me off. The only way I would ever buy this piece of crap was if I had the CEO of the company in front of me and I wanted to throw each individual piece at him whilst yelling "Feel that microfiber sleeve, you knob jockey"

I'd love to know what you think of Jenga Girl Talk.

Let me know

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  1. How depressing. Why is everything pink for girls, blue for boys? RAH! Actually my son chose a "pink" kinder egg, after I had told him what he could get in pink or blue. Then at the checkout the assistant TOLD (yes, told, not asked) him to change it for a blue one.

  2. I hope they are foam and not wood, those Jenga bricks can hurt and we wouldn't want our precious flowers to get hurt now would we?

  3. That is up there with the Nerf Rebelle guns that you can now buy in pink for girls because god forbid a girl might want to use a normal Nerf Gun as she may hurt herself!!!

  4. Do you think that if they bring out a giant version as seen in pubs, specifically for us girlies, will they wrap it in fur so we don't hurt ourselves whilst sipping babysham when it falls over?
    Knob jockeys.

    Whats next, Buckaroo with lipsticks and hairbrushes that doesn't buck? Fuck sake.

  5. These make me mad - I want to beat these girly jenga blocks over the heads of the dimwits who came up with them. Do they emit glittery and flowery goodness if you hit a chauvinist with them? Please say yes, Kellie!

  6. I went to McDonald's for a cold drink yesterday and I heard a customer being asked whether the happy meals were for boys or girls because of the toys. Huge corporations are dictating this nonsense. Meh, I'm off to live in a bunker.

  7. Grrrrr, indeed. My son loved pink as a toddler. He chose his own sunglasses in vibrant pink and purple, and looked super cute. I can't believe we still have to tolerate this utter bollocks. I'm currently reading the Everyday Sexism book and little details like pink toys for girls are just the beginning of a very long continuum of sexism ranging from silly nonsense to violent misogyny.

  8. Memo to Jenga - It's not the fifties anymore, stop with the sterotyping. I still want that transformer.

  9. Good golly this made me laugh... At work... Out loud... I don't really have anything deep and meaningful to add to this article but you are so funny!


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