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Malteser Tiffin Recipe

Over the weekend I attended the Leeds May Meet which was absolutely amazing and a great chance to meet some lovely bloggers and new brands. I promise I will be writing more on the meet really soon as there are lots of people I want to thank and products I want to try but today I want to write about something a little different.

One of the requirements for the Meet was to bring baked goods and as I cannot cook, I decided to make a tiffin as they are extremely easy and quick to make 

The Tiffin went down extremely well and I was really pleased to see it disappear so fast.
A lot of people at the event asked me to blog the recipe, so here is my recipe for a Malteser Tiffin, which I hope you all enjoy. If you give it a go, let me know in the comments how you get on with it, or if you have any questions, let me know, I will try to answer them if I can. 

                                                              Malteser Tiffin.

malteser tiffin

200g Milk chocolate,  I use the most basic chocolate there is, Sainsburys do a basic range which costs 30p for 100g. Buy that, don't worry about buying expensive chocolate.

100g Butter, the recipe usually calls for unsalted, ignore that, I did, no-one died.. I don't think.

125g Digestive biscuits. Or shortbread, or chocolate biscuits, WHATEVER floats your boat. 

135g Maltesers, Minus the ones you eat as you are preparing ingredients.

2 Tablespoons Golden Syrup. mmmmmm, Sticky

For the Topping. 

200g of milk chocolate, see above.

100g of butter.  You catch on fast.

2 tablespoons of Golden Syrup Well done you. 


Find yourself a dish that you can use for the tiffin and line it with foil, leave the foil overhanging the edges so you can easily remove it when it has set.  Place the 200g of chocolate, butter and syrup in a bowl and melt over a pan of water. Once it has all melted, resist the urge to dip your whole face in the bowl as it will be hot. At LEAST wait until it has cooled slightly before wearing the bowl as a feed bag. 

Find a bag WITH NO HOLES in, which you can crush the digestives and half of the Maltesers in. Be aware that Maltesers are truly the work of the devil and are extremely hard to break, imagine that each Malteser is the face of someone you hate and pound them into small pieces. then adding the rest of the Maltesers you haven't eaten stir it all into the warm melted chocolate until thoroughly mixed and then press into the dish gently. 

ingredients for malteser tiffin

You may now lick the bowl. 

For the topping, repeat the first step and melt everything all together until it is all blended in together. You can at this point, if you wish to be flash, add things to the base of the Tiffin before adding the top layer, such as Minstrels, M&Ms or anything else you have laying around. Then pour the chocolate on top of the biscuit base and leave to set in the fridge for a couple of hours.

You may now lick the bowl. 

Congratulations, you are now a master Tiffin maker. 


Big Fashionista x x x

*Disclaimer, I am not to be held responsible for the weight you WILL put on from consuming this product, but oh my god, it is so worth it. 



  1. What have you become?! I don't know who or what you are anymore! You're supposed to dress up alcoholic mannequins and ply them cigarettes. You're supposed to attack all things UKIP and belittle celebrities who need a Big Fash bitch slap! You're a bitch! The best one going! You post weekly images of half naked men! Baked goods?! Are you fucking kidding me?! This isn't Nigella Fashionista! The north has changed you. And now I hate you for making me fat....

    *goes off to buy all the ingredients (twice)

  2. Serious comfort food right there, like I need anymore encouragement to eat chocolate *Dribbles*

  3. Wow, I am so happy that you've posted this recipe. It looks like perfect exams/revision/ahh-I'm-gonna-fail-everything food! I am definitely going to make this for you! I think that you are going to make me very very fat because I won't be able to stop eating this stuff. Even from your photos, I'm drooling (mentally). Love it!

    Hannah xx

  4. I'm absolutely definitely making this and I'll absolutely definitely curse you when I'm stepping on the scales *doesn't give a feck and makes it anyway* NOM!!!!!!!! OMNOM@NOMNNOM


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