Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Recommended Serving Size

I have a real issue with the words, "Recommended Servings"


Who is a stupid cake to tell me that there are six servings when I've already sat down and decided that I am going to eat it all in one sitting?

And let us, for arguments sake, say that five friends and I decide to sit down and share the aforementioned cake, you can bet your arse the only way that cake could satisfy all six of us was if it turned into Joe Mangeniello and purred, "Ladies, who's first?" (That would be me, btw) 

Just because you CAN serve six, doesn't mean to say you should, EVER.

Unless you can guarantee that the other five people are not hungry, then whack that cake out on a stand and offer it around.

And what if the first person cuts a slice that is meant for three people? Oh the dilemma, you can't cut the same sized slice for everyone else, (coz there ain't that amount of cake) but if you don't at least offer the next person a slice of the same size or greater, you are on someones shit list FOREVER. (oh don't act all innocent, if someone did it to me, I would want their heart served to me on a platter. Serves ONE) You also can't take away the first persons slice, (especially if that slice is mine and you want to keep your fingers) there is no take backsys with cake. It just doesn't happen.

Why do we even need serving sizes on things? I am a grown up, I know that if I eat that cake that is designed for twelve people all on my own it is going straight to my hips (arse, legs, face, thighs) and that is MY choice, don't get guilt all over my cake, it makes it taste funny.

You may say the clue is in sentence "Recommended" They don't even alway say that these days,


as though it is gospel, not something to be played with. This cake WILL serve six.

Oh yeah? Care to lay money on that?

There is a mathematical equation that solves this issue. 

Take the number of servings, divide by 2, then half that number, minus one more and then GIVE ME ALL THE CAKE.

It is the simplest way.
Trust me.

Am I the only one who has an issue with this recommended serving size and serves a certain number of people malarky?

Am I just greedy?

Or do you too look at it as some sort of challenge?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I picked up something with SERVES 4 screaming at me from the packet. It should have added, OR ONE WELSH PERSON. The checkout girl agreed :-)

  2. Firefly's Law of Culinary Reciprocal Proportions:
    Serves (say) 4: HALVE IT (at least; probably a greater correction factor required.)
    Preparation time (say) 15 minutes: DOUBLE IT (see also above. )

  3. It annoys me on Pizzas for some reason. I buy a pizza, I eat a pizza. Serves two indeed! Rubbish.


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