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Unhappy Meals, Why I'm NOT Loving McDonalds Gender Stereotypes

Occasionally, I take my children to McDonalds, they see it as a treat, not as part of a balanced diet, I see it as an excuse not to cook, (So sue me) so every couple of weeks we grab a Happy Meal and I'm not even sorry.

Today we went to McDonalds, I took two of my children (If you read this G, I apologise but you were out) One girl and one boy. It had already been decided by my son that at 12 he has no use for a you that comes with the meal so was happy to ask for a Hello Kitty for his little sister. 

I order, 

"Would you like the girls toy or a boys toy?"

I was asked 


"A girls toy or a boy toy, you get a choice"

Now I've already put my foot through the TV twice after seeing the McDonalds advert, what I really didn't expect was McDonalds servers to reinforce the gender stereotype of cars for boys and Hello Kitty for girls, and yet they did.

I asked for two Hello Kitty toys and asked the server why she couldn't just ask if we wanted Hot Wheels or Hello Kitty but she refused to answer. 

McDonalds, I'm really disappointed in your gender stereotypes. Why can't you just let toys be played with by children? Do not put YOUR ideas of what toy a child should play with into the heads of children,

I'm NOT loving that.

How about you? Have you experienced this in a McDonalds? Let me know 

Big Fashionista x x  


  1. I was happy with whatever toy was given to me when I had a Happy Meal as a kid. Back in that day, I'm not sure if they asked what toy you wanted! I was never a 'tom boy' as they call it - but I played with anything - Scalextric, Subbuteo, Stretch armstrong... all the toys that were considered for boys and yet I still played with them. Guess I should congratulate my mother for giving me the freedom of choice. Saddens me these days that it's all boiled down to pink for girls and blue for boys. Where is the freedom of choice?! xo

  2. Ahh gosh big thumbs down are things like this still seriously going on! I agree with what you said really they should just ask what toy they'd prefer and make no prior assumptions it just seems so old school! :/ x

    1. completely agree, I'd much rather just hear.

      Hello Kitty? or Hot Wheels?

  3. I remember when it was just a toy, no 'boy or girl' thing, and thats all you got. Then, you would swap it with all the rest of your friends for the one you want or just eat lot of happy meals until you got the whole collection.

  4. It seems to depend on the franchise whether or not they classify toys as boy/girl or by the brand. It's a real shame though - especially if a kid wants the toy that's not recommended for their gender. I mean, are we really a society that starts shaming people for their preferences in childhood? Not cool.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

    I treat my kiddies on the rare occasion that we go to a "do"... you know, the kind that does chicken on bones and fruit soaked in rum and nothing but crisps for the smalls. (Also it keeps them quiet in the car-bad mama!)
    I was asked if I wanted a girls toy or a boys toy. My response of "you still DO that?!!" accompanied by my best WTF face promted the cashier to tell me "erm, yes but... its only temporary?"
    Well thats fine then. I mean, its totally ok to gender stereotype if it's temporary right? NO.
    I told the cashier I have boys but had to ask what the toys were. My eldest (3yrs) has pink frilly socks at the top of his current wishlist. If the "girls" toy is a Disney Princess he'd have been all over that like flies on sh... you get the idea.
    As it happens, two of my boys LOVE toy cars and the other is indifferent so I got the cars. My niece has one of them. Boys toys they are not.

    1. made me so angry, especially as my son was giving his choice to his sister. frustrating indeed


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