Friday, 4 July 2014

24 Men, 1 Girl, why is SHE the one being vilified?

It is almost impossible to miss the story in the papers this week about the woman filmed sucking the penises of 24 different men in Magaluf, allegedly for a drink.

and no, I am not going to link to the video because quite frankly if you want to see it, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

What annoys me so much that I experience white hot rage is that this girl, and let us not forget she is that, a teenage girl of 18, is the one having her morals questioned and called names that frankly no person should EVER call another human being.

24 men have their dicks sucked and not one of them think, "Hang on, perhaps I really shouldn't be doing this" People stand by and watch, and film and whoop it up on holiday while a DRUNK teenager is used?

People sicken me, they really do.

The men are heralded as 'lads" while the young girl, (and I will continue to remind people of the fact she is a teenager) is a slag?


What these men do, take advantage of a drunken teenager is pitiful, disgusting and WRONG.

What by-standers do is WRONG.

The people judging, are WRONG.

I hope that these men one day have teenage daughters who ask to go to Magaluf and they experience regret and sorrow for what they did, But you know what? I doubt they will.

I am sickened by the whole situation, and incredibly sad once more for the state of the world.

I would love your thoughts on this,

Let me know.

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  1. I don't know what to think tbh.

    It's horrific, the things these young teens get up to on holidays now. Competitions to get drunkest, to be naked, to do all sorts of stuff that when I was a teen was considered private. I'm far from a prude but life has taken a very odd turn. And with the internet thrown into the mix, these things that are done on a drunken stage in a seedy nightclub in Magaluf will now be there forever, for future partnets, employers and your children to find.


    I judge, I judge all of them extreme idiots, risking liver damage, sexually transmitted diseases (how delightful to be last in the queue) and future ridicule and embarrassment. I judge the club for allowing this abuse to be allowed. I judge all who filmed and who watched and did nothing, all who now share the video on social media. And I judge the media for putting it in the news too. I have not seen the video. Nor do I ever want to.

    I only hope my own child has more sense than these children.

  2. Isn't it always the way? Time doesn't change attitudes one bit.Men have used alcohol to force women to have sex with them for eons and the women are always the ones demonized by the act. It's always 'She'd been drinking' or 'She was dressed provocatively, never 'A man sexually targeted a woman WHO WASN'T DOING ANYTHING WRONG'' The media doesn't seem able to make that leap of thought to actually point to the perpetrator of the crime as being responsible. The men involved in Magaluf should be rounded up and prosecuted.

  3. Some will argue she wasn't forced, she consented BUT under the influence of alcohol which is the problem with these vile places. It's the bar who should be condemned, plying young people with free or cheap booze particularly young girls who are publicly humiliated in this way. I dread to think how often this goes on and isn't reported. This also shows it's acceptable for men to treat women as objects when they ought to be publicly shamed.

  4. Also, the bar/organisation running whatever 'competition' that was is WRONG

  5. In no way should this girl be seen as the 'wrong do-er' here or a 'slag' or whatever... The men are as much if not more to blame.
    The common denominator here is booze and plenty of it.
    The men are drunk, the girls too and those who videoed it also no doubt.
    Ultimately the bar / venue is to blame for this whole culture of cheap booze, whilst encouraging these kids to drink more and more and even more - but this has been going on for decades Im afraid.
    I see the Mayor of Magaluf is wanting an enquiry into this - but will it stop...I doubt it, sadly.

  6. I completely agree with you! All of those "men" will just be applauded as LADs and it's disgusting. I can't wait for this LAD culture to disappear, if it ever does

  7. I used to go to the party side of Ibiza (not the beautiful north side) and alcohol then (we are talking 6 years ago now) was stupidily cheap about 5 shots/cocoktails for 5 Euro. The coulture is all based around drinking - How much can you drink, how quickly etc. The last time I went to Ibiza two of my group also got drugged, we think to be robbed when they left the club (it was the two males of the group).
    It always annoyed me that it is the woman who is attacked when really she needs the support. A Lad gets a pat on the back for get with as many women as he can but if the tables turns then the woman is called a slut (and we have just about the same appetite as men!). EVERYBODY is to blame in this case, it should not of happened at all and this just proves we need more control over alcohol in bars/clubs.

  8. Somebody should have stopped her. Poor poor kid.

  9. I totally agree with you, we live in a really weird world men get away with far more but women's morals are put in question and am actually glad you didn't link the video, it speaks volumes.

  10. yes,yes,yes!!!Slut shaming at it finest!! I had this actual thought and was going to post about it myself. Seriously not one person has gone "who would get their dicks sucked by a drunk girl" not one...sickening! Grrrr...great post Xx

  11. Totally agree!!! I had a similar rant just yesterday. Poor girl.


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