Monday, 7 July 2014

Free Magazine With My Make-Up This Month? No Thank You.

I purchased some makeup this week from my local supermarket and I got a free magazine with it.

(What do you mean, that's not quite how it works, Kel?) 

What one did I get?

It was a NEW CID Cheek & Lip Tint, thanks for asking.

and it came with a free Cosmopolitan.

Now personally, I would have preferred the cocktail but I have a new lippie and something to clean up dog sick. I count that as a win.

As the dog has yet to puke, I thought I would have a quick flick through (as I don't hate myself to be their target audience) and see why people pay for a magazine when it doesn't come attached to make up.

My first thought was..... That is a lot of perfume ads.

Six separate perfume adverts, and that is without a delightfully insightful article about matching your cocktail to your signature scent. (much more of that and I would have started on the meths, match that Cosmo) 

My second thought was (What day does the recycling van come because I don't want to miss throwing this shit away) exactly how confusing IS this magazine? There are articles that just basically contradict each other. "How to be alone, but not lonely" "The secret of falling in love. And Staying there" "Sex and The Single Girl" " and "Women, Sex and Power"

Let me not even start on the two articles that are titled.

Could This Cocktail Kill You? Be Careful What You Drink Abroad

and Drinks On Me, Why Would You Not Match Your Cologne to Your Cocktail?

(My Cologne? Oh yes that is death and decay. Yes, it is new. Thanks for noticing) 

I'm meant to be tanned, but pale girls are interesting. I'm meant to be body confident, but here are the fat-burning, body firming moves I must do to wear a bikini.


I don't think I like my free magazine that came with my make-up.

But I do like my make up.

Apparently this is an extremely good month for free magazines with make-up. Even Chubby Sticks are coming with a free magazine this month I understand.

But I'm going to need to double check what day my recycling bin gets emptied, because I get a feeling he is going to have a REALLY heavy bin to empty this month.

Have you got any freebie magazines with your make-up this month? Have you read them? Do you read them? I would love to know your thoughts on them.

Let me know


  1. I only ever get my magazines free with make up.. This months Marie Claire had nothing but adverts up to page 15, and featured clothes that are £££££££. Not sure that anybody that could afford the clothes would be tempted by a free cleansing balm

    1. I really want the Chubby Stick, not sure I can read another rag though, I feel fat just reading the cover

  2. I got my free magazine with my Clinique moisturizer but I haven't read it yet.......I don't think I've read the one I got a few weeks ago with my Ren hot cloth cleanser either, usually end up throwing them out!

    1. Yessssssssss, throw them ALLLLLLLLLLL away.

      PS How is the REN?

  3. Some time ago I was sent a copy of Vogue, and I didn't have a clue how to write about it because it was just one enormous magazine of adverts! People apparently pay good money for a heck of a lot of adverts, and not just on the telly box!

    1. Urgh, I have heard that about Vogue wayyyyy too often. Even the adverts in Cosmo made me hate myself

  4. I really find Cosmo trashy, but like yourself, I wanted the free cheek and lip tint! It's a good product, but a shite magazine x

    1. awesome product, i now want the other colours too

  5. Haha so funny, I pretty much wrote a very similiar blog post recently about Glamour and Vogue. Funnily enough Vogue came out on top as being more value for money and not so much BS. :o)

  6. SNAP .. currently I am hunting for Harpers magazine it comes with a fee L'oocatiane perfume .. intact I 'm texting the husband now to pick it up for me .


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