Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hot or Not, By Ladbrokes

So the World cup is over for another four years (Boooooooo) but fear not people, Ladbrokes are giving you a chance to continue to admire the physical prowess of some of the hottest players in the World Cup this year.

Hot or Not (ooooh, hang on, this is looking slightly familiar -> Nom or Vom? ) gives you the choice of two players who appeared at the World Cup and you get to choose which one looks hotter until you narrow it down to the Hottest player at the World Cup this year.

So all those players who came so close to winning the Golden Boot and then came away with nothing STILL have a chance to be YOUR hottest player of the World Cup.

Are you rolling your eyes over Ronaldo?

Crying over Cabaye?

Or has Gerard piqued your interest? (See what I did there?)

Then why not play the Ladbrokes Hot or Not Game just for fun?

You can play here ----> Hot or Not

Let me know who your sexiest footballer is.

Big Fashionista

The Hot or Not game was created by Ladbrokes and has no affiliation with Nom or Vom

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