Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Judge Mettyer and the "Classic Rapist" case

Do you have any idea what a "Classic Rapist" looks like?

Me either.

But Judge Michael Mettyer, a judge in the case of a British man in America who raped a woman while she slept, OBVIOUSLY knows what a classic rapist is, because in his sentencing of RAPIST, Lee Setford. he said that MR Setford  “I do not regard you as a classic rapist. I do not think you are a general danger to strangers. You are not the type who goes searching for a woman to rape"

Now Judge Mettyer is talking out of his arse here. 

The definition of rape.

The crime of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse against their will.

If you are convicted of the crime of rape, that, in my opinion, makes you a classic rapist.

Judge Mettyear is under the mistaken impression that a rapist is a stranger who jumps out in a dark alley and attacks with violence.

As a judge, he should know better.

A rapist is someone who has sexual intercourse with someone against their will.  Not always a stranger, not always a dark alley. Someone who does not take no for an answer, is a classic rapist.

And because Judge Mettyer wasn't being enough of an obnoxious arsehole, he also added these comments.

"She was a pretty girl who you fancied, you simply could not resist. You had sex with her"

Now most men I know have an amazing ability that they can use at will called, restraint. They don't have to resist the urge to rape women. they just don't do it, and when a man cannot resist.

He is a rapist.

I cannot quite put into words my feelings on Judge Mettyer. Not without swearing anyway.

This whole case and the judge involved, angers me deeply. These comments are absolutely disgusting and not helping victims of rape in any way shape or form.

What do you think about the comments made by the judge?

I would love your thoughts.

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  1. It makes me wonder if some of these judges are rapists themselves. Either that or they're SO out of touch with reality they have no idea about the long-lasting and devastating effects of rape.

  2. *Bangs head on desk* Really? We still live in ancient times? *Bangs head on desk some more*

  3. There are still so many myths regarding rape.
    This judge's comments may make the rapist more likely to reoffend.
    To rape you must have the motivation to offend, then overcome your internal inhibitors. The judge's comments may fuel the reduction of internal inhibitors as she was pretty, you're not a classic rapist...

    Dr Zoe Lodrick is amazing on the psychology of rape. I think all professionals working in this field should spend an hour listening to her speak.

  4. I'd also add that your "classic rapist" is the one who you think you can trust, who is clever in his approach and makes his victim think he or she's their friend/ boy/ girlfriend or that no one would believe that they were capable of rape. Your "classic rapist" is rarely caught because society doesn't think they are a "classic rapist" & it is less scary to blame the victim instead. Because if the victim did something to make it happen, well it can't happen to me because I wouldn't do that. ..

    sorry. Soapbox much?

  5. I'm struggling to put my anger and despair into words about what was said by this idiot "judge." I just don't have the words to explain. What a fool and what a danger these kind of views are, especially when they are from a person in such a position. When is rape going to be taken as a serious offence? When will all the victim blaming and "oh well" attitude end. No wonder so many victims, myself including, never breathe a word of what happens to them. Who would if this is what you're met with?!

  6. I'm surprised he didn't add that she'd "asked for it by looking all cute and sexy while she was sleeping." I mean, what man could resist? What the hell does "classic rapist" even mean? I wonder if the stupid man would feel the same if it had been his daughter? Lets hope the silly man never has to find out?


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