Thursday, 17 July 2014

Keyboard Warriors, Mumsnet, and Soul Sucking Joy Stealers

This week, my friend, the beautiful Kate from WitWitWoo wrote a rather excellent post about wearing a bikini. You can read the post here, 

and all was good in the world, she wore a bikini and no-one died. 

And then Mumsnet got involved and made her post the blog of the day on their Facebook page. 

Now I don't really have much to do with Mumsnet.... and now I know why. 

I have NEVER, EVER, EVER come across such a bunch of joyless soul-sucking people in my life. There were comments praising Kate, (most of them in defence of our friend after the soul suckers came out and started feasting) and yet for every positive comment there was at one more saying that women of her size shouldn't wear bikinis. 

In fact, one little charmer went so far as to say

"Fat people should not wear a bikini. End of."

Oh and I am just going to leave this one here for you all to enjoy. 

"Not a good luck along with big women wearing leggings they can only stretch so far. their is wearing what you want n theirs having a little dignity"

This is the problem with forums such as Mumsnet, Guru Gossip, Facebook and other places where people just judge others without thinking that it is an actual person they are judging, bitching about, and generally just being vile.

To them it is a picture they are pulling apart, or an avi, just something two dimensional.  There are no FEELINGS involved because most of the time they do not see a reaction

I've had it myself, name calling. aggression, insults, all from tiny-minded little people who have nothing in their lives and instead of trying to rise out of the gutter, try to pull people down to their level. 

Look at Big Brother, people getting all Judgey McJudgey pants over people they see for an hour a night and think they know everything about.  Celebrities being judged for just about everything in a hurtful way without people knowing ANYTHING about their real lives other than what they read in the media. 

Keyboard warriors are an actual thing, and whilst I LOVE hearing peoples constructive comments and differing opinions are always welcome here when they have facts to back them up, people, and yes, I am looking at the Mumsnet Facebook page here, are just saying hurtful things PURELY to make themselves feel slightly better about their empty lives. 

And if you are one of the people out there that gets a shiver of orgasmic satisfaction typing something spiteful and then going about your day without a single ounce of guilt. 

This one's for you. 

What's your opinion on this, I would love to hear your thoughts, 

Big Fashionista x x x 



  1. I am sooo pinching that diagram 😼I've even noticed some unbelievably rude comments on a Fb page dedicated to the breed of dog I have. Nasty, opinionated shit stirrers will stir about anything. What bizarre tiny lives they must lead.

    1. I so know what you mean Flintaxe, the whole "I cannot believe you got that breed of dog" business creates such unwanted and uncalled for reactions and opinions... It's anything really, I remember a time where this kind of talk, the one that comes from the bikini post, was frowned upon and considered that to be of a few sad stuck up individuals. Now the Internet allows for stating opinions with - hardly - repercussions, and now everyone feels very strongly about everything, including things that have NOTHING to do with them. I loved the bikini post because the message is "nobody cares", NOBODY really gives a toss about your body, because nobody should, because it's just a body, flesh, it comes in all sorts of sizes, shapes, shades, textures... so I wear a bikini....who effing cares?! How does that affect anyone's life to the point they have to make a nasty remark. Agreeing with Flintaxe, weirdos with bizarre tiny lives obviously care, so this is where the rest of us, nice folk, must learn to not care about what these nasty bugs say.

      Brilliant post Kellie, I should really forward it to a few family members and so-called friends, just as a very eloquent and funny way to tell them their opinions, REALLY, mean nothing to me.

    2. it just makes me so cross, by all means, be constructive. but some people are just nasty. for no reason.

      I hate it

  2. keyboard warriors . I hear you !
    Some folks are spineless , sniggering behind their keyboard.
    Everyone has a right to an opinion but as you say being constructive is a skill many need to acquire . x

  3. God what truly awful things to say.
    I do wish people would have some respect on the internet

  4. I was hurt at the time ... which took me by surprise. I now, of course, don't give a tiny rat's ass. What sad fuckers.


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