Friday, 4 July 2014

Nom or Vom

This weeks Nom or Vom was a tough one, I like to find someone who is relevant to something that is current, and living in Leeds the most current thing this weekend is the Tour De France as we are hosting the Grand Depart. 

Unfortunately I am yet to find a hot cyclist who hasn't featured on Nom or Vom before so I was stuck, luckily, the lovely Nicki from had pointed me in the direction of a gentleman who has gone from child actor to someone all grown up and he is actually FROM Leeds. 


So this weeks Nom or Vom is 

Matthew Lewis. 

(Who? I hear you ask) 

Slightly more familiar?

Look at Neville now.

I have to be honest, I don't know if I would, he just looks......... Nice. 

But it isn't up to me. Ladies and Gents, Matthew Lewis?

Nom or Vom? 


  1. Quite obviously nom, no question. Puberty was terribly good to him!

  2. Nom nom nom in a non cradle snatcher way obviously age was good to Mr Lewis

  3. I'm not keen on the cocky raised eyebrow picture you chose for #5 because he's got a bit of the Gary Barlows going on with him there but in normal circumstances oh yes, I would. hubba hubba!!

  4. I just think he's utterly loverly, not a nom or a vom cos I just , well I couldn't, I'd feel like a total cradle snatcher. But he's grown up looking rather yummaliscious :)

  5. He is definitely grown into the hottest of th Potter boys, but too young to be nom, more just really cute

  6. On the money with this one. Oh yes. I'm not sure if I can say that old is he?

  7. Defo nom although I feel like a pervert coz he will alway be Neville Longbottom to me ❤️

  8. Nom, dam he changed didn't he haha geek to sex god :) x

  9. No sorry, that weak chin I'd a turn off, maybe if he grew a really full beard, , but no, it's a vom from me

  10. Well I think an overall nom. He does look a little like Gary Barlow who may be attractive but is a vom from me...I'm a nommy vom today haha

  11. Definite NOM! What a little fitty he turned into, my mum always said the ugly ducklings at school often end up being the best looking ones later in life!!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  12. Well look who grew into one DAMN FINE NOM


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