Monday, 21 July 2014

School Hell-idays

Oh God,

well that was unexpected, and yet, I've dreaded looked forward to this moment for the last three months.


Don't get me wrong, I love my children, when they are at school.

When they are at home they are like a plague of locusts upon my house. they eat everything, whinge they are bored and cost me a huge amount of money.

(On the plus side, I get a lie in in the morning, but seriously, I don't think the pay off is worth it.) 

I have been looking at the mothers in the playground who are all standing there saying "I just cannot wait for the summer holidays so we can all just spend some time together" and think,

You just have the one child, don't you?

At the last count I had three, of varying ages. (I think it is three, there is a washing pile big enough that it may be four or five and enough cutlery in the sink that it may be eight or nine) separately, they are kind of cool, (if you like that sort of thing) but put them all together and it is like dealing with fans at a West Ham V Millwall game, (They have a common interest, yet they hate each others guts) 

Don't get me wrong, the first day week is fun, I still have the energy to be more referee than mother, and I still have money in my purse, but after then it is kind of all downhill from there.

The washing pile, which is currently doubling as a training camp for Everest climbers, becomes almost mythical in its proportions, cutlery, which beforehand was just cutlery, becomes weaponry and  my nerves become SHREDDED, shredded I tell you.

6 weeks, SIX WEEKS? (I just thank God that I don't live in Scotland, Scottish parents, I applaud you) I don't know if I am going to make it through 6 days before losing my shit.

Do you think if I hide in the washing pile for six weeks they will miss me?

Worth a try, right?

How do YOU survive the six weeks holidays with your children? Are you they type of parent that looks forward to spending time with your offspring?

Or are you like me and counting the days 'til they go back?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Lol I'm not a mum but I sympathise! In N.I it's 9 weeks too I believe lol xx

  2. When I was a kid my mum used to tell us tbat "only boring people get bored" & a combination of that & the fact that my brother & I have always been best friends kind of got us through the holidays.
    Now I'm grown up I both look forward to & dread the holidays.
    They mean I have the option of going out as much as 3 times a week (which is impossible during term time) but that my foster brother will be whine-y & need-y ad nauseum for weeks & my dad will take it up on himself to take time off work to "spend time with his family" (even though he speaks to none of us & doesn't like spending any time with any of us) & then he flops around doing nothing. It's like one long horrendous weekend that never ends....
    Was that too much of a rant? Sorry *flushes*

  3. I only have one and he's driving me bonkers already. I'm in Lego hell.

    Honey Go-Lightly

  4. Sorry, im going to be Miss Sour Face today. I have seen loads of tweets and facebook statuses over the last few days that follow the same theme " oh my god what am I going to do for the next six weeks" and I want to tell each and every one of them to shut up and be grateful that they have the opportunity to spend time with their kids. There are a lot of out there who for any number of reasons will not be able to do that over this holiday or any other holiday and that hurts, it hurts alot and seeing these type of remarks just rubs it in that little bit more :-(

  5. Only the one here, but I am dreading it! I have also seen so many mother seem excited, I don't get it!? We all love our children, but trying to keep them entertained for weeks is hard going. that. Eva has just broken up from her pre-school and starting school in sept...but she isn't starting until the 18th. 9 bloody weeks!

  6. I only have the one but I will be working for most of the summer holidays! I have two weeks off and need to get organised and find things to do that won't make my bank account cry and then the rest of the time my little one has one day a week with me so he won't get bored of my face!!! Thank goodness for amazing grandparents who look after him when I am at work!

  7. I have it all to look forward too lol

  8. Gin.... That's my survival tip!


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