Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Supportive Bloggers, no more negativity, just positivity.

So once again, Guru Gossip rears its ugly head.

And I do mean ugly.

I am SICK and TIRED of seeing disparaging comments BY bloggers, ABOUT bloggers.

If you took part, you have no-one to blame but yourself.

That's it.


There is a dark side of blogging, it isn't pretty and I don't want to focus on that side of things.

Let us focus on the good, the bloggers who give you support, lift you when you are down, who are there when you need them.

I am lucky enough to have lived both in London and now in Leeds and have met some amazing people who have supported me in all that I do. They are my SUPPORT network and THAT is what blogging is all about for me.

Bloggers who I love


What is not to love about Sera? If you don't read her blog, do so. it is ace and I call her a friend.


George is wonderful, this evening she shared a picture of me on her Facebook page which resulted in a huge influx of new followers. That is supporting your fellow bloggers. I heart her muchly.

The Leeds lot, who made me feel as if Leeds is home.






and there are lots lots more that I will add too.


Muireann is awesome, hardworking and I'm still in awe of her.

and I will just keep adding fabulous supportive bloggers to this list.

There are SO many bloggers out there that have supported me on MY blogging journey. I hope I support others on their journey, THAT is what blogging is all about.

Not gossip, not bitching, not making disparaging comments behind a veil of anonymity.


Because you are awesome.

Now tell me who YOU think is amazing, who has supported YOU in your blogging?

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Hell yeah !! I've had enough if the bad **** I want positivity in my life. Xx

  2. You always have my support Kel xx #Positivity all the way!

  3. I'd say that YOU have actually supported me through blogging, I've known you pretty much the whole time I've been blogging and you always manage to make me feel better about stuff and you're amazing at putting things into perspective!


    1. And your slimming world journey inspired me to lose a stone. Love your site

  4. YOU supported me, giving me a guest post on your blog. Thank you! <3

  5. GG (and it's 'authors') just sucks Monkey Butt really, be an adult and say it to peoples face.
    I only surround myself in people who are adults or just really big kids like me :) Keep up the good job Kelli x

  6. As a 'baby' blog I've been shocked and disgusted by some of the comments I have often read. Even on twitter there are vile comments and catty digs. Did we not all leave school a long time ago?
    Being quite a newbie at blogging it has just made it even clearer to me that I'm quite happy keeping myself to myself and continuing the love with the bloggers who are lovely. It's a very sad state of affairs when it should be a supportive community. More shame them xx

    1. Lizaboo, definitely surround yourself with positivity. If we shout louder about the people who support us rather than the ones that pull us down, hopefully that will be the thing that spreads the furthest. Blogging is an amazing thing that has brought me great friends, great opportunities and given me a platform to share things that are important to me.
      I love blogging and all it gives.

  7. There are soooo many people that have supported me, some of my most loyal readers are Beauty Queen UK, LT Beauty Blog, Sandra @ Beauty Balm.....I could go on. I will never be a bitchy blogger, ever and I will just purely ignore comments/people who are.



  8. I understood the need for Guru Gossipers when it started. I know that sounds bizarre, but when 'gurus' deceive and profit, but then ignore or block whistle blowers, those angry people needed somewhere to go. However, it very quickly became the vilest site on the web for the Youtube community, where the anonymity of a forum was the perfect breeding ground for bile filled petty, jealous or begrudging bitchery and will never be redeemed. Its one of those situations where we abhor internet censorship, but these kind of sites, and the odd Twitter row fuel us ever nearer to it. There is a lot to be said for rising above it, and as my Mum said, never put in writing what you wouldn't want read out in front of the whole school. Vile. GG, not you, you're aces x

  9. It appears I totally missed this 'drama' the other night. Thankfully.

    For the most part, bloggers are an incredible and supportive community and I am proud to be amongst them.

    The bloggers who have supported me over the years? Gosh there are SO MANY to mention. But include.

    and YOU of course. :-)


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