Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Daily Mail, MPs and A Catwalk?

I am getting SICK of mentioning The Daily Mail on here but let's be honest, if we all ignored their misogyny and general crap they wouldn't change, they would not mistake our silence for approval. The best thing to do with these occurrences is stand up and say,

NO, this ISN'T right. 

And the Daily Mail online is just getting worse. 

There has been a cabinet reshuffle. (personally, I'm not happy with my hand, can we deal again?) and there are more women promoted to positions of authority. This usually is something to be celebrated. Unless you are a Daily Mail journalist. 

Which basically talks about their wardrobe. 

I don't give a SHIT whether someone's handbag is oversized or whether their nude heels match their outfits. I want to know their beliefs, where they stand on Equal Marriage rights (Yes I'm talking to you, Equality Minister. Headbutts wall) what they will do about things that affect the country. Not whether their jacket is too big.

Just URGH. 

What message to young people, young women and men does this send? It's not about what you do, it's what you wear whilst you do it. Where is the male equivalent of this? What do you mean there isn't one? Of course there isn't. It's just another way of pushing women back into the tiny boxes that the Daily Mail have constructed for them and it makes me sick. I love fashion, I love dresses. But let's not make out that it is ALL there is to these women. 

If they want to change the country, if they CAN change things, I don't give a flying fuck if they do it whilst wearing a Primark Onesie.

Do you? 


  1. I could not agree more! Until we see a vapid feature on male politician's wardrobes, this has to go!

  2. New headline "Women on way to work". What angers me more is the fact that the new equalities minister voted against gay marriage. Putting women in the cabinet purely to get the numbers of women up ? Well done Dale, you fucked up (again)

    1. The disturbing this is, she's not the new equalities minister. She was already minister for women and equality and is keeping her job alongside becoming education minister. It baffles the mind!

  3. Gah that is so awful I don't even have words. I thought we were getting past this stupid, sexist nonsense.

  4. Ah I was saying this to my husband earlier in the shops. It grabbed my attention as I spotted 3 newspapers, not just the Daily Mail talking about the Downing Street fashion show or Catwalk.I am getting sick to death of this shit.

  5. Well, I'd love to say that words fail me; but as it's the "Daily Fail" I guess I'm not really surprised. Jude.x


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