Monday, 21 July 2014

The fashion fairy tale of today’s cheap world

     Los Angeles photographers, French models and Italian fashion houses are all good reasons, to love fashion. But there are great stories that make this industry, an indisputable triumph of beauty and history. You have to fall in love with fashion because of Paris, Charles Frederick Worth, the birth of haute couture; the revolutionary ideas of Saint Laurent in the 70s; the Sicilian widows; the macabre genius, the butterflies, the deer and the stuffed birds of McQueen

     Sadly, it feels like there are no more classy fairy tales in fashion today. They were replaced with cheap collaborations and giant retailers. I’m not saying that fast fashion is a bad thing, but it certainly influenced the face of the whole concept of fashion, as an art. The designers are now bartering between insincere creativity, forced individuality and mercantile goals. Every collection today, has one or two pieces of clothing that are created purely to be sold easily. The bloggers, editors and the journalists admire the conceptual ideas of Miuccia Prada, but no one is actually able to discuss them, considering appropriate fashion terms.

     Fashion Weeks are also great jokes, as the exclusive events are shadowed by the street style of the bloggers and the celebrity cleavage… As fashion is growing into a huge part of the new pop culture, everyone wants to be a part of it. Everyone wants attention and profits. Fashion is now democratic, accessible and no more magic.

     Of course, it is simply great that now every single girl can look fashionable, but there is no good in fashion losing its main idea and fairy tale. Because what else will remain? Soap operas, cartoons and cheap fashion magazines. And that’s no good for those who love fashion and for those who are creating it. But we’re lucky to have a huge number of designers, models and artistic spirits that are working every single day, towards making fashion special and majestic. The hope is not lost and maybe someday soon we’ll get to meet a new fashion fairy tale that will totally make a difference.

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