Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Weird dreams, What Do They Mean?

So for ONCE, I decided that I would get an early night, I'm 38 years old and I really need a beauty coma these days.

So I tucked myself into bed, ignored the yelpings of Buzzfeed (Kellie, look at my lists, alllllllll of them, look) and tried to get some shut eye. 

And was woken up by the weirdest dream I've even had. 

Now bear with me as this pretty much just happened, I couldn't have been asleep for more than an hour or so, 

I had a pet lion that was scared of snails, he was a full sized lion but I told everyone he was a pug and took him to blogger events and tied him up outside. (any bloggers chewed in this dream, I may contact you later, just to check you are ok and not chewed) It rained and so all the snails came out so I had to bring the lion inside and hide him under the table. (As one does with a lion) The lion then chewed up my goody bag and proceeded in drinking my cocktail I had placed on the floor and because I was cross I put a snail on his head.
(This is what happens when you mess with my drinks-badass) 

I don't really remember anymore other than dragging the lion out being very embarrassed by him.

(Lions, can't take them anywhere)

At the moment it feels so real, but it's fading fast and I'm sure I won't remember much of it in the morning. 

So who is going to share with me their weird dreams? What's been going on in your mind while you sleep? And can anyone untangle what my dream means, if anything? 

Let me know, I'd love to hear your dream stories.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Haha brillant! Love weird dreams, I go through stages of having a lot then nothing.

    1. It is so weird, I wasn't even asleep long and it seemed to go on forever.

  2. Last night i dreamed I couldn't check out of a hotel it was all on different levels with weird lifts, some of which went sideways, I tried to pay but was told it was too late and I'd need to do it in the morning, I was stressed as DD was with me and we had an early morning flight, to get back to my room I had to use anouther list and it was crowded with bearded men, we all had to squish up to fit in....

    I wish you did have a lion, sounds cool!

    1. I wish I had a lion, oh the people my lion would eat. I have a list, can you tell?

    2. A lift full of bearded men? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  3. I love weird dreams !
    I have several dream interpretation books which are useful and often keep a dream diary by the bed to write them down upon waking!
    My favourite dreams are those of flying - you had those ? They're awesome !
    Interpreting your dreams is fascinating and gives an insight into what your subconscious is trying to tell you and are usually really accurate.

    1. love to fly in dreams, I fly like I am swimming, its hard work but worth it. A bit like life really.

  4. I'm going to get my dream book out tonight & did out for you!!! I absolutely love talking dreams but stopped rambling about them because you can see everyone's eyes glaze over as I explain "it's like I was there, but I wasn't" to anyone who will listening. I will investigate and let you know this evening!
    Dreamoods.co.uk or .com is a good site for unravelling meanings of dreams. I genuinely believe I live in another life! Yep I see those eyes rolling haha!
    Rebecca @ www.queenbeady.com

    1. that would be great, I am really interested in dreams too so would love to hear more. definitely no eye rolling here

  5. Awesome - I will have a good ponder tonight, will use as many trigger words as I can from this :)
    Rebecca @ www.queenbeady.com xxx

  6. Haha, what a great dream!!
    My weirdest dream was when I was pregnant with my eldest, almost 5 years ago. I dreamt my big bump was actually a fish bowl filled up with water and lots of baby fish. Then I gave birth to them...through my belly button :S x


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