Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What's In It For Me? A Blogger Rant

To Whom it may Concern,

Chances are you have been sent a link to this post because you have sent me an email, requesting that I "Pop something up on my little blog" (Someone actually wrote that to me once, I kid you not) or enquired about some publicity on my blog but have made no mention of a way that it can benefit me, or my readers.

Congratulations, pull up a chair, I'm about to save you some time and energy and possibly explain to you why you are not getting any responses to the emails you send out to bloggers.

If you have had your first coffee of the day, you may have got all tricky-like and added in your initial approach to me that you don't have a budget for your Infogram/Blog post/Giant advertising post that you want me to write, while you get all the accolades/blah blah blah.

While you sit there and congratulate yourself on getting ahead of the game, and clearing that up from the get-go. I'm sitting at this end of the computer thinking,


I get what is in it for you, you are doing your job, getting your clients name out there, spreading the word, and I completely understand that.

But what is in it for me here?

What is in it for my readers? (That's you guys, sssshhhhh, just pretend you aren't here)

I don't want to be showered in gold, but I also don't want to be showered in bullshit either. 

I cannot eat a "Raised Profile" (PS, you found me, That usually means a profile is quite high anyway) 

Telling me that you will share my post on your social media channels does not fill me with excitement and make me feel special, it just reeks of a one-night stand who says they will call you, AND THEN NEVER TAKES YOUR NUMBER.

All I want is for approaches to be MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL. I don't want the world on a platter, but at least let me see the bloody plate.

Bloggers don't want it ALL, It is not greedy to enquire "What's in it for me then" and then to be made to feel as if you are being greedy is frankly quite insulting.

Try asking your accountant to do your taxes and tell them you will pay them by sharing their details on your Facebook page, see if that will get you anywhere. It won't, because it isn't mutually beneficial.

So if you have been sent a link to this post, ask yourself whether there is anything in it for the blogger you have just emailed. Chances are there isn't is there?

And that's wrong. and that is why your email is in the trash.

I'm sure you don't do your job just for the love of it, and neither do most bloggers these days either.

PS, and if you are thinking of emailing me about that super "Blog to win" competition you have coming up.



Big Fashionista x x x

Bloggers, what sort of approaches have you had lately that has had you tearing your top knot out? Are you SICK of reading the emails that want the world and want you to be grateful that you've even been approached?

Let me (and them) know in the comments below.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Totally agree! I recently had a big company wanting me to write a post and promote their giveaway so I asked what the budget was. My compensation was to be a widget for my readers to enter the comp.
    A widget, yes really.

    Honey Go-Lightly

  2. Great post :) I thought it was just me who got these emails!! I get lot asking for me to spend time on a post for nothing in return and then I delete and get another one asking why haven't I replied!! I have done comps in the past spent hours on a post and not even any more page views. Our time is precious and just a little something in return is a nice for our time :)

  3. I am getting right and fed up of lazy pr campaigns. And that's what the problem is imo. It's lazy and greedy. Of course what they don't spend on the campaign / blogger, goes to their bonus / profit margin and I get they'd want to bump that up but why the hell do it at the expense of someone else. Would they work for free I wonder? Hmmmmmm.... sadly we are seeing an increase as blogger numbers increase and even more sadly, there are some only starting out who'd do it. We need a bloggers union ;)

  4. The phrase that gets on my tits is "I feel your readers would enjoy our article" - go feel yourself. Seriously. Fuck off. Or the really, really persistent ones that send you an e-mail asking you to run their piece, then mail again and again and again "just wondering if you've had a chance to consider" - don't annoy me, into the trash you go. Can't be arsed. I also hate the ones that are just a press release and don't even tell you what you're supposed to do with them - do you want me to review or get in touch or are you just bragging or what? Human interaction doesn't go amiss. Even use my first name, you're already further than most if you do that.

  5. Great post, and a daily fight for me through the day job when clients (from small to established ones) want huge amounts of work done without arranging for a decent payouts to our bloggers and our time/work/management. NOPE. I cannot like this post enough.

  6. great post kellie! I like getting pr emails, and most of the time they are great, but sometimes you feel like hitting your head against a brick wall! I had one site saying they would send me some handbags etc to review if I popped there widget on my sidebar for 6 months, 4 months later ive had nothing! I took the widget down

    Catherine x


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