Monday, 4 August 2014

100 years on, and what lessons have been learnt?

Today is August 4th, today we mark 100 years since the beginning of the first World War.
Tonight, in the UK, people are asked to turn out their lights between 10pm and 11pm and leave just a single light or candle on to mark the moment the UK entered the first World War.


When you turn off your lights tonight, and kiss the ones you love, who are safe and warm in their beds, think not only of our ancestors who fought so that we could have all that we have now, but think also of the innocent people in Gaza. Children being blown up, in the name of war.

I do not pretend to know everything about what is going on in Gaza, I know enough to know that the blood of innocent women and children stains the streets, parents who have no fight in this "war" other than the constant fight they have to keep their children alive.

My children will find their home in darkness from 10pm until 11pm tonight, but they are safe, they are warm and they will not experience the fear of the children in Gaza. I wish I could give the children in Gaza that security too and I expect it is all their parents wish for too.

I see on social media sites, pictures of the torn bodies of children and I want to turn away. I don't want to SEE what is happening over there. But we must look, we cannot turn our back on the children. I flinch every time I see another picture of a dead child, I flinch when I read that countries are arming Israel to take the life of another child, and I flinch at myself flinching. (If that even makes sense?)

One hundred years since the beginning of World War One and it feels as if no lessons have been learnt. As a human race we kill and we maim without a thought. One hundred years and there are still people being oppressed across the globe for their colour, their religion, their sexuality or just for where they live.

Our forefathers fought for our freedom,

freedom to oppress others was never part of the plan.

Tonight, whether you switch off your lights or not, think of the world, what lessons we have learnt, and where we go from here.

But above all,


think of the children.

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  1. I don't really understand the conflict other than itn real basic terms- but I know that children & babies are being harmed and living in fear every day. When will mankind ever learn? What does war solve?



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