Monday, 4 August 2014

A Facebook Challenge......

So once again, stupidity rears its ugly head......and The Darwin Awards get new nominees for 2015.

It all started with Neknominations. (Luckily, the people with more braincells than IQ points soon hijacked that ridiculous challenge and turned it into a force for good.)

Now people on Facebook are setting themselves on fire.

Yep, you heard me correctly, they are setting themselves on fire and then whinging that they "weren't thinking" when it all goes terribly wrong and they are in bandages with third degree burns for the foreseeable future.

(Thanks Ian) 

Yes, they were not thinking when they SET THEMSELVES ON FIRE, because what could POSSIBLY go wrong, huh?

People have been horribly burned by the act of SETTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE and at least one person has died.

Natural selection is a bitch, isn't it?

Oh there is also another Facebook Challenge where you have to cover yourself in cold water or something equally ridiculous, and once more, there have been injuries and at least one death. 6 people filled the shovel of a mechanical digger with water, intending to dump the lot on their heads and the weight of the water over-balanced the digger, and squished the people underneath.

I don't even think I need a GIF here do I?

So I have decided to create a Facebook Challenge for all the impressionable teenagers of the world.

Are you listening? Oh and you also have to nominate two other teenagers as well, I understand that this is pretty standard.

Are you ready for your Facebook Challenge?




Oh and,


and certainly don't set yourself on fire. (although this should be a given)

I would love your opinions on Facebook Challenges and people setting themselves on fire, what do you think about the injuries and deaths? Tragic accidents? Or natural selection?

Let me know.

PS, What do you think of the makeover?

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Love the new look, very sophisticated :-D

    Facebook challenges..... They terrify me. I have a 19yr old son, who when he gets a drink or 3 inside him regresses to the mentality of a four year old "but they told me to". I can only hope his friends as a group will recognise how stupid these challenges are :-/

  2. Good morning Kellie! LOVE the new look Kellie :) Like i said the other day over twitter, when/how/is this even a thing??! This is completely unbelievable, stupid like Putin "I like to ride my horses topless & chase gay people", stupid like I'm 25 and my face is so full of botox I look 50, stupid like I might as well stick my fingers into this plug, now that I'm soaking wet after my shower...WTF. Love your own version of the challenge... now if only people were brave enough to think individually and get on with that one ;)

  3. Makes the no make up selfie look cerebral...

  4. Setting themselves on fire! How stupid do you have to be to try that!!
    Loving the new look! Very fancy x

  5. It's just bloody people! You don't need to be a art to know you'll burn and possibly die from being set alight! And the digger? It's just awful and people are left behind to tell the works their loved one died because they pulled a stupid stunt in the name of social media.
    Ps love the new look


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