Thursday, 7 August 2014

Body UNashamed

When the lovely Penny from created BodyUNashamed as a way of making people stop looking at the negatives and concentrate on the positives, I jumped up and down for the chance to be involved. I am a HUGE supporter of being Body POSITIVE, I think we should celebrate who we are, love who we are and support others in their life and their body positivity.

Over the last week or so I have been witness to so much body snarking, so many people trying to make themselves feel better by trying to pull down others. This needs to stop, immediately, and I hope with campaigns such as #BodyUNashamed we will get across the message of positivity rather than negativity.

So here goes.

We were all given a person who we had to write three things about, and I was extremely lucky to be given Ria from Urban Butterfly.

I first met Ria when she had her blog design stolen by a twat, (True story) we gave him hell on twitter, he responded with insults, but the positive thing was that I had a new blog to read and an always welcome addition to my twitter feed.

So I have to highlight three things I thing are great about Ria?

Ha, this is EASY, have you seen her?

1.   Her 'look' She has an amazing look that is just effortless, Ria is the whole package with her look. Every picture I see, her vintage style just leaves me wanting to applaud. I've seen her old Glastonbury pics, how does someone manage to look that stylish at Glastonbury? She's amazing

2.   Her fringe, oh that fringe. I have fringe envy, and that, I'm sure is not healthy, but it's true. If I ever need a ruler and cannot find one, I will ask her if I can borrow her fringe, sharp lines, perfect length. perfection.

3.   Her smile, in every picture you see, she is smiling, and Ria has a smile which can make you smile back.  I hope that she smiles at everyone and gives them the warmth of that smile. 

I was really happy to get such a role model for my #BodyUNashamed post.

Oh and now for the bit that is harder, we have to say three things that we think are great about ourselves?

(Guess it is easy to talk a good game sometimes isn't it) 

Ok, here I go. 

1.   My eyes, I like my eyes. In fact, I tell you what I like more than my eyes? The little wrinkles that I have around my eyes that appear when I laugh. Laughter lines. I like mine. I laugh and that shows in my face? I kind of like that idea a lot. 

2.   My lips, I have full lips that I have been told on more than one occasion are BJL. (Don't worry about it mum) I'm 38 years old and having thicker lips helps me to look a little younger I think. 

3.   My waist. I have big boobs, I have a big bum, but in comparison I have a small waist. It means that I have a shape, even when I have eaten my bodyweight in Cadburys Buttons. yum. 

Are you BodyUNashamed? Are you involved in the project? What do you think about the idea?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x 



  1. This is an AWESOME idea! Women should always lift each other up.

  2. Thanks Leigh. Yes it's brilliant. Check out the hashtag #bodyUNashamed for lots more posts.

  3. I love this, are people still able to get involved? X

    1. Speak to Penny. I have linked to her twitter in the post. I'm sure she would love more people to spread the word

  4. Thank you for such kind words. I am a smiler... :) The said twat thief was also a body shamer do you remember he called me a fat c*nt! You look much younger than 38, work those beautiful lips girl ; ) xxx

  5. You do have lovely ... eyes! Great campaign!


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