Monday, 11 August 2014

Call Me (Never)

It is the 6 weeks holidays and as much as I love writing, I quite fancy having a couple of days off here and there, luckily I know some fantastic bloggers and have a week filled with guest posts for you to read so that you don't run away from me and cheat on me with other blogs, 

(What do you MEAN we aren't exclusive??????) 

First up is the DELECTABLE Emma Cossey, who I adore talking to on Twitter and Facebook, she has a fabulous site, The Freelance Lifestyle and I fully expect you to go check her out here ----->

Take it away, Emma. 

Call me maybe (never)

I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I love all the apps, texting, emails, social media, games, pretending I'm intensely involved with a conversation when I'm waiting for a late friend...

But I'm filled with bitter resentment every time my phone actually rings. Apparently, this is an actual thing - Telephonophobia. If you’re one of my friends who has ever tried to call me (other than if we’re meeting up or it’s an actual emergency), you’ll know how unlikely it is that I’ll actually pick up the call. I’m screening your call. If it’s too long for a voicemail, sort out a meetup over text. 

Y’see, I hate not seeing their body language. Sure, you don't see it online or over text, but you can usually get a grasp of their meaning based on their smiley usage. 

There are a bundle of other reasons I hate phone calls. 

  • When a friend calls for 'a good catch up'. 9 times out of 10, this usually means "drop everything, I need to moan about my boyfriend for an hour". Also, 9 times out of 10, this is the same boyfriend and problem she’s called about the last three times. Oh, hell no.
  • When someone drunk dials you at 3am. This stopped being funny when we were 18. Even then, you were pushing it. 
  • Conference calls, a necessary evil as a home-based freelancer. I usually spend the whole call with my ear pressed hard to my iPhone, desperately trying to catch a voice or detail. I can't hear a thing aside from muffles and the occasional laughter. For the love of god people, embrace video conferencing. 
  • Cold callers. I'm actually kinda sympathetic to cold callers. Until some guy who cockily describes himself to his friends as Ben ‘Playa’’ Jones attempts to flirt his way to a sale. No dude, no. 
  • I have bugger all interest in meaningless small talk. If we’re friends enough for you to call me for a chat, there’s no need for any cringy chit chat. 
  • Remember when you were at school, and when you left for the day you’d tell your friend you’d call her tonight? Then you’d both sit there and grunt at each other on the phone while watching Neighbours and doodling love hearts on your record book? Yeah, Twitter exists now. Now you can tweet your thoughts on whatever show you’re watching. Even when you’re on the loo. WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE A PHONE CALL INSTEAD?

So, if you call me and I don’t pick up...drop me a text instead. 

Emma Cossey 

Thanks to Emma for being my first guest post this week, I hear what she is saying, I tend to always ignore my phone then text a little while later (Sorry mum)

How about you? Let us know

Big Fashionista x x x


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