Friday, 22 August 2014

Must-Have Accessories For Your New Car

Driving a new car feels exhilarating, but it can also be boring if all you have are its standard features. It’s time to accessorise your car so that it has all the things you need, and more. 
For one thing, what’s a new car if it can’t direct you to where you need to go? Some of us aren’t born navigators, and although we know the rules of the road like the back of our hand, a sat-nav device would really be a great addition to our new wheels. 
Let’s take a rundown of the accessories for your new car that you shouldn’t drive without.

Satellite Navigation device
Physical maps can take our focus off the road instead of our driving, plus it could be a pain to read them anyway. The maps of old don’t have live traffic updates, don’t tell you where the nearest fast food outlet is, and they don’t tell you exactly where to turn to avoid that road construction up ahead. Let’s thank the geniuses who came up with the brilliant sat-nav devices in the market today; even the least expensive ones have all you need to lead you to your destination quickly.
Car cover
Many owners of the latest car models become too excited about driving their new car around that they often forget to purchase this basic, but utterly important, car accessory. Car covers protect cars not only from paint-fading UV rays and water stains; they also protect that shiny finish from being scratched by envious neighbours, umbrella edges, and perhaps even your own belt buckle when you walk past in a tiny parking space.
Chassis cleaner
What’s a new car if it’s all gunky underneath? A chassis cleaner can really be a big help in this regard, especially during the winter months when the roads are all filled with road salt, which can corrode your chassis and make it look like your car was bought in the 1970s. While you’re at it, get your car a small vacuum that can be plugged into the lighter socket, a good shampoo, and the softest buff you can find for your regular car clean-up work.
Jump starter
This is something you hopefully won’t need immediately, but is still good to have just in case you encounter a fellow motorist in need of help. The latest in jump starter technology features small and rechargeable jump-start boxes that can get your—or someone else’s—vehicle running if the battery decides to die in the middle of nowhere. The portable size of the jump-start kit makes it easy to fit in the glove compartment.
USB charger
We all seem to rely on various USB-powered devices nowadays, and woe to the person who forgot to charge his or her smartphone or media player while on a road trip. Avoid being helpless on the road and get yourself an in-car USB 12V charger, which plugs in to the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Many in-car chargers come with two USB ports, which makes charging multiple devices faster.
Mobile phone holder
Drive smart and leave your smartphone alone. If you really, really need to take calls while driving, get a phone holder with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to make and receive calls on the go, without losing your focus on the road ahead. This is the last, but certainly not the least recommendation as a must-have accessory for your new car. Remember to put your safety first.

Collaboration post with Sophie Davidson

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