Friday, 15 August 2014

Nom or Vom, Blogger Takeover

Ok so it's Nom or Vom but a little different, it's Nom or Vom, Blogger Takeover. Occasionally, when I am feeling as if I cannot stand to look at any more hot men, I'm going to ask a blogger to take over for one day and share with you their Nom or Vom. 

This week, to kick it off, I have George from who I think is a fab blogger and I love her style. 
So go check her out. 

Nom or Vom

When Kellie approached me to do 'Nom or Vom' I was a little unsure about it, as my taste isn't really similar to others. However, there are two men who always catch my eye, and as I love Judd Apatow films I see a lot of them - A LOT! In the end I went with Jason Segel (Sorry Seth Rogan) as 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' is one of my favourite films, and in it we see him butt naked, crying and singing. Love.

So Jason Segal, Nom or Vom? 

George xxx 


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