Friday, 22 August 2014

Nom or Vom Blogger Takeover

This weeks Nom or Vom is another Blogger Takeover, and this week it is a blogger I know personally and think is all kinds of awesome, (and my youngest daughter won't stop talking about her) so over to Toni from for this weeks Nom or Vom.

First thing I do on a Friday morning?
Log on to Kellie’s Blog and see who this week’s Vom or Nom is. 
I am going to keep this real simple. 
I like facial hair and tattoos.  I like them together. I like the on there own. 
I am a bit in love with Alex Minsky. 

Alex is a former US Marine who lost his lower leg in service. After been honourably discharged and swapping the drink for the gym, Alex is now a successful underwear model.

So what do you think?

Alex Minsky, Nom or Vom?



Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Has to be a NOM oh my I need a cold shower!!!

  2. Nom... An exceptional example of a nom may I say? Impeccable taste x

  3. Oh my *bookmarks* best nom or vom EVER

  4. Neve heard of him before but what a NOM :-)

  5. can't believe you didn't share the nude pic of him though...........

  6. *Wipes steam off glasses* Nom.

  7. Well hellooooooo NOM, he is clearly attractive, but the story is also amazing!


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