Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Surviving Summer

Next up for a guest post is the absolutely beautiful Georgina Grogan from 

I bloody love this woman. Not even kidding. I even text my other half and asked if I could keep her. (He said yes, OBVIOUSLY) 

Now she is really under the weather at the moment but I asked for a guest post and of COURSE I got one. 

So let me pass you across to her so she can talk about Summer. 

Surviving Summer.

The Summer heat can become a little uncomfortable for anyone, any size, but it's definitely no secret that carrying a few extra pounds makes me absolutely detest Summer for more reasons than anyone would care to read. However, over the years through my hate, I've found little ways to get around the discomfort and learn to enjoy the summer, or at least get through it without breaking too much of a sweat - literally. 

One of my top tips has to be to make sure you are prepared. I know it's a common stereotype for women to carry way too much and have a 'Mary Poppins' bag but having those extra things really could come in handy. I'll often be found with dry shampoo, cooling sprays, bottles of water, bobbles, facial wipes, sea sprays, sunblock and even a change of clothing on a hot day. It just so happens that on those days I'm often found trailing behind due to carrying extra weight and passing out, or complaining over the heat and my shoulders aching. It's often worth it when I avoid melting like the Wicked Witch and recreating the Joker's look. Obviously a car comes in handy if you want to be fully prepared, I wouldn't advise public transport full stop, but especially not in extreme heat.

Summer fashion can also be an absolute nightmare if you're a little late on the 'fuck what everyone thinks and wear whatever you want' bandwagon, not that there's anything wrong with it at all, I'm sure they rest of us will catch up eventually. But for now Summer makes me ridiculously conscious of what I look like in all different temperatures and lighting which means supportive underwear, coverups, longer sleeves and leggings are still out in full force. My favourite thing to combat all of these in one is to simply shop around for different materials, and even buy cheaper clothes as the slightly reduced quality will be a lot breezier. I've even started cutting up old supportive leggings to the length of my knees to help with chaffing under dresses. Support, comfier and if they're thin, a breeze all in one! Kimonos, lace and cotton are my best friends in Summer, with the occasional catch up with chiffon. 

Of course, if that all sounds a little too much effort then try my full proof back up plan:

1) Buy a fan
2) Put the fan on next to your bed and get in
3) Wait until Winter is here

I can't be the only person who feels this negative about the heat? How do you survive the Summer?

Georgina xxx

Thanks beautiful, and don't forget to check out her blog 

Big Fashionista xxx 



  1. I'm a little more under the weather after seeing my eyebrow on that photo, we MUST have a new picture at Plus North?
    Pleasure writing for you xxxx

  2. Recently found Georgina's blog. Just love her attitude & she's proof that us curvy girls can look good x

  3. I adore this post! the back up plan is perfect and what I have tried to do all summer!

    Catherine x


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