Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Collective noun for a group of penises

I know, I know. It is far too early in the day (Or late, considering what time you are reading this. In fact, WHAT TIME DO YOU CALL THIS? Where have you BEEN?) to talk cock but hey, when did you ever expect anything better of me.

It is a fact that my brain works in mysterious ways. Occasionally, weird thoughts enter my head and I can't get rid of them until I write them down. (I can only apologise)


So, this is my question to you.

What is the best collective noun for a group of penises that you can come up with?

(Ok, I'm a little sorry)

(But I'm not sorry for this picture to illustrate a group of penises)

The picture is for illustrative purposes only, I'm talking about real peni here, not dick heads. 

A clutch of penises?

A penetration of penises?

I'm handing it over to you.

And the best one will get a prize.

So let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. A collective of penises I would say.

  2. OK I've got one, a gobble of penises (SORRY! *hides*)

  3. An ejaculation (especially when some of those above spout such nonsense.)

  4. I think you're a little confused, that's actually a picture of a "penis of Tories". Easy mistake to make.

  5. I'm kinda torn. Part of me thinks it should be a throb. Because, well...

    And part of me thinks it should be a Ralph, in honour of Judy Blume's Forever.

  6. See now you have taken me back to a drunken conversation I had with my friends. Cock soup. What would it look like? Floppy, like meat balls, erecting bobbing around in the soup; everyone had a different idea of what it looked like. Anyway....... my contribution to the name of a collection of penises would be a "A Cockup of Penises".

  7. A fist of cocks, along the same lines as a 'hand' of bananas... OR an orgy of cocks.

  8. A thrust of cocks? I like the idea of a gobble of cocks personally or a banquet of....

  9. Correct collective noun is a "riot" of peni


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