Monday, 22 September 2014

Duvet Jacket, OOTD.

Blanket coats? Surely a great invention, right?

YES. However, do you know what would be better than a blanket coat? 

A duvet jacket, that's what.

So, Fashionista that I am, (No, you shut up) I bring you my OOTD which is sure to be a big thing by the time the next London Fashion Week comes round. (it's next month right? This things seem to be happening more and more frequently lately) and if it isn't on the catwalk, you can bet your arse people will be snapped wearing it for "street fashion"

Disclaimer, this Duvet Jacket is currently unavailable to purchase in all major outlets. 

Here I am modelling size single, other sizes are also available to not be able to buy.

The Duvet jacket also gives you the added luxury of people crossing the road to avoid you. 

This winter fashion must-have is on the Christmas list of all wannabe fashionistas as a non-seasonal transition piece of fast fashion. 

The Duvet Jacket is both warm and highly impractical at the same time, giving an edgy feel to it. 

I can see this being a staple part of my winter wardrobe, teamed with a pillow hat and undergarments made of a thermal material. 

The Duvet Jacket, not coming to a store near you. 

But I want one, don't you?

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 



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