Monday, 22 September 2014

LFW, Q & A with Intellicig.

Recently I was asked by Intellicig a few questions regarding London Fashion Week. As most people who follow me on my Twitter account know, I can get pretty vocal about London Fashion Week, purely because it turns into a circus of epic proportions, but the clothes aspect of LFW always excites me (Even though I probably couldn't even get one of the scarves from the collections to fit me)

Here is post that they have written about London Fashion Week

So I was happy to answer the Intellicig questions, even the ones about themselves. :D

Question 1)

What has been your favourite trend for this season?

What I am currently loving is the re-emergence of 50's style dresses. This season, more than ever, I have seen companies springing up that are creating well-made dresses in a variety of prints, even down to cupcakes. It has been so amazing to finally find a style that I love and am able to wear without people thinking I am dressing outrageously.

Question 2)

What are you looking forward to for next season?

Warmth. Just make me feel warm. Thankfully faux fur is once again a huge thing so I can do my impression of a Polar Bear, a brown bear and even a panda without feeling silly. Sod thin layers. I NEED WARMTH and fur to keep me alive through a harsh Yorkshire winter.

Question 3)

Do you follow trends religiously or do you adapt trends to suit your own personal style?

I definitely do not follow trends religiously. Sometimes I accidentally wear something so stylish that it is painful by accident, but that is probably because I have had it in my wardrobe since it was last fashionable. I wear what I know suits me, if it is fashionable, great. If it isn't, I'm still wearing it.
I'm still waiting for the fashion trend to emerge which means I can wear the same clothes two days running without being judged. I have that look NAILED.

Question 4)

What do you think of the design of Intellicig?

Oooooh, sneaky, I didn't see that one coming. I am a smoker, I have seen more and more people using E-cigarettes and I have to admit I have tried the occasional one but never really for a long period of time. I do like the look of yours,

but I am not a fan of brightly coloured e-cigarettes which I think are unnecessary. The design does look good though. I could see myself holding it ok. 

Question 5) 

Which trend is your preference from monochrome, sportswear, tailored and white wash?

It has to be monochrome. You can't go wrong with black and white. especially when you can then play with your accessories. Sportswear is my own idea of hell, urgh. I am not built for sportswear, I look as if I am making a protest. 

Question 6) 

How will you be watching LFW and what celeb spotting will you be looking forward to?

Bad blogger that I am, I am late putting up this post so I can tell you exactly how I watched it. through the eyes of some of my favourite bloggers, Lois from  Jaime from  and of course the lovely  on Twitter. 

As for Celeb spotting? That isn't what LFW is about for me, 

How about you? 

Big Fashionista x x x x

In conjunction with Intellicig. 


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