Friday, 26 September 2014

Nom or Vom

It's another Nom or Vom Blogger Takeover, yayyyyyyy. I love this because sometimes I get all protective over my personal Noms and don't like to share. Today is the lovely Jessie from and her inspired choice for Nom or Vom. 

Over to Jessie.

I’ve always said it: make a girl laugh and you are half way there… but then that would have me lusting after every decent comedian out there, which I don’t - I’m more the see-a-guy-in-leather-with-a-guitar-and-drool kind of woman. There is only one funny man that makes my knees weak, and he’s a bit of a rock star. 

My crush began watching one of his stand-up DVDs. He was wearing eyeliner, lipstick, heels and a satin dress over some sexy PVC trousers. Since then, I’ve seen him wear miniskirts, fake breasts, more lipstick, more fake breasts and have fallen even harder for him. 

I watched him run marathons for charity and became fascinated with his calves, and his terribly tantalising ability of persevering against all odds. I see him in his current “boy mode”, or in any of his many films, and once again I find him irresistible. 

I can’t help it, whether it’s his thirst for a challenge, his impeccable manicure, his hilarious stories on squirrels hiding make-up on trees, how ridiculously attractive can a man on heels get?!

The thing is, dearest Big Fashionista readers, I have met him in person, and I can assure you, not only is he a really lovely guy, he is even sexier in real life.

This is my secret - and now, not so secret - crush. Comedian, actor, runner, executive transvestite, inspirational man: the wonderful, Mr. Eddie Izzard.

So what do you think?

Nom or Vom?

xxx Jessie


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Apparently, I typed my comment before I was actually awake. It SHOULD have read as follows:

    OK, yes, I have to admit it. Though he's physically not my type, there's definitely.... something.
    I think it's the combo of smarts and funny and ridiculousness, teamed with his intensely serious side and the laser beam gaze of his very blue eyes (thanks to Photoshop?) in a lot of his pics.

    Not so crazy, however, about the fact that he looks better than me in fishnets and a leather mini skirt!

    (But don't mind me, I have a strange fixation with slightly oddball funny blokes with a penchant for eyeliner. Tim Minchin's another. They tell me there's no cure.)

  3. Oh so much nom. Not even sorry.

  4. Nom, but I would need to hide my nail varnish collection

  5. Nom. Definately nom. Some people have sex appeal coming out of their pores and he is one of them.

  6. NOM....! He is hot, sexy, funny, and great live. So jealous that you've met him, Jessie!


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