Monday, 15 September 2014

St Legers, Ladies Day with Ladbrokes Bingo

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to Ladies Day at St Leger in Doncaster and as I have never been to the races before I was extremely excited about the opportunity to dress up a bit and go completely OTT with a hat.

(Side note, ladies. If you are going to the races, why not wear shoes that not only look good but are ones you can walk in too. The amount of women I walked past wearing shoes that made them walk like they were Bambi on crack were too many to count. AND that was just going IN to the race course)

So this was my outfit. My dress which is, of course, Hell Bunny was purchased from Tiger Milly, and my hat was from the Marks and Spencers sale with all the red embellishments and flowers added by me.

Having never even been to the races before I was glad I got to experience it from the Mallard restaurant at Doncaster, which had its own viewing area in the stands, meaning we all got to enjoy the racing in comfort and style.

Having been invited by Ladbrokes Bingo, we OF COURSE played some games as we watched each race, including Horse Racing Bingo. I don't think I did very well at that game, I had a peek at some of the other ladies cards and I have a sneaking suspicion I know who has won.

It was fantastic to spend the day with some bloggers that I truly love, it is always great to see Georgina from who is one of my favourite people in the world and who I now have more pictures on my phone of than I do my own children.

Here's some from us just totally messing around while trying to take VERY SERIOUS outfit posts.

and also the lovely Laura from who had me laughing ALL day. especially when she won a race, and they did win a few!!!

Overall, I had an absolutely fantastic day. There was food, absolutely gorgeous food but instead of photographing it, I ate it. (crap blogger that I am)

There were horses.

There was fashion,

and there was so much enjoyment of the day that I just cannot wait to go and do it again. you can read more of what happened, here. 

Have you ever been to the races before?

I'd love to hear about your experiences. Did you dress up and wear a hat?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x x


  1. I live 20 mins away from Donny racecourse (and my mum lives just up the road) but i've never been to the Leger, I feel like I'm missing out! You both look lovely xx

  2. Sounds like a brilliant day and I think you both look FABULOUS xx

  3. Such a lovely look! Your fascinator is fabulous, and that floral print is so vivid and plays off of your hair beautifully!

    <3 Liz


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