Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What age is old?

I was having an interesting discussion earlier with a couple of bloggers and one of the bloggers called herself old. (She isn't) 

But it got me thinking, 

What age do you consider to be old?

I'm interested in this to see whether it also changes in relation to how old you are, so let me know how old you are, and what age you consider to be old.

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. I'm 26 and would consider 90 old I suppose, although I think 'old' is an attitude rather than a number, there are 'old' 20 year olds and young 90 year olds imo.

  2. I'm also 26, and I am lucky to have a lot of older family members who do not strike me as being "old" despite being in their 60s or 70s. My grandmother, who is 90, is still going strong but I do class her as old (as does she). I think 80+ for me is old. I do agree that it is all about attitude as well though.

  3. I find the older I get, the further away the 'old' line in my head goes. I'm 45 now and some of my younger friends are grandparents already! Next month I'm going on a group holiday and one of them is 80. So physical age to me now means very little. It's all about the mental age - my 80 year old friend is one of the youngest people I know, the 40 year grandmother one of the oldest.

  4. When I was a teenager 30 seemed ancient, but now I'm 40 I think age is in your dead. I've seen 20 year olds who seem 80 and 70 year olds who seem like teens. I think once you've given up on life, then you're old. But as long as there are still things to learn, you're always young at heart.

  5. I agree its an attitude, there are days were I feel old, I feel stiff and tired but then there are days where I feel I can take on the world and nothing will stop me.

  6. Hmmmm, I think this is a tough one. I think it is all about attitude. My Mother-in-Law is 68 and she acts like it. She has sisters who are 79 and 81 who still go on holidays to Majorca and properly Galavant and Party. My MIL is of the opinion she is too old to be bothering with a 3hr flight, nevermind watching her youngest grandkids (9yrs and 6yrs) while I run into town.
    My Mom is 58 this year and while she might look like she is in her 50's she doesn't act that way. And Is more than Happy to have the grandkids stay the night even if they wake up often. My Dad is 59 and can still do a Proper Front Sumersault from standing into the pool. He is happy to pull that trick out to keep his grand kids happy and giggling.
    I turn 35 this year. I still phone my mom to ask if I am doing the right thing in my relationships and with my kids. I feel like I am still learning and sometimes I feel like I am completely out of my depth. I don't know what OLD is anymore as some of my friends act way more mature than I do and friends who are older than me act like teenagers. I just go with the flow now.
    I think its All in your head. I just hope my body can keep up...

  7. old = 80

    my nana and grandad are 75 and I still don't class them as old. I do think some people refer to themselves as old because in their own mind they don't believe they are the age they are. I for one refuse to believe i'm almost 24, and I know it's not old but its just weird... how am I even a fully formed, grown woman?! A very odd thing for me to think about, in my head i'm still 15


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