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Chloe Hamilton, Zoella and Role Models

Before Tuesday, had you ever heard of Chloe Hamilton? Of course you hadn't, unless you were a real life friend or family member of Ms Hamiton, or perhaps had a conversation with her on Twitter, chances are she could pass you on the street or instagram her breakfast and no-one would bat an eyelid. 

Then on Tuesday, Ms Hamilton decided to write an article for The Independent about how teenage girls need role models, but not role models like Zoella. She then proceeded in picking apart Zoella's looks, her attitude, and her "sickly sweet girl power" like a woman who has studied at the Samantha Brick school of journalism. 

Now I DO NOT believe that women should support other women and stand up for them JUST because they are women. But what I do believe is that we should not TEAR DOWN another woman just because you have found a way to be controversial and drive traffic to your site. 

and if anyone was in any doubt that the reason Chloe Hamilton wrote about Zoella in such a disparaging way was to court controversy and drive traffic to her column, may I point out this tweet.

With this in mind, I am not going to link to the article that Chloe Hamilton has written. She has all the traffic that she is going to get from me and I am sure that people will say that the best thing to do in a case like this, is just ignore her and that I am further pandering to her by even writing this article myself.

But I don't believe in ignoring something that is wrong, and Chloe Hamilton is wrong. I wonder how many teenage girls she spoke to about Zoella or how many videos of Zoe she actually watched before she decided that she "rabbits on" about hair and make up. 

Chloe Hamilton talks about how someone in Zoe's position could MAKE a difference to teen girls. FORGETTING that she herself is in a position where young women who may want to become journalists have looked at HER and watched her TEAR APART a real life person just to get the hits. 


I am want to pass this one over to you, I really want your opinions on the whole situation. I am even going to turn back on the facility to comment anonymously, (because I haven't been called a cu*t in so long, and I kind of miss it *sarcasm) 

I want the final words to come from Chloe Hamilton herself, taken from an earlier article she had written about becoming a girl for the day. This was her closing argument. Perhaps she needs to read it again. 

Let me know your thoughts. 

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  1. I don't know about this one. I did kinda feel for Chloe since the whole of Twitter was ripping her to shreds for having an opinion that dared to differ from the masses. Sure, it might have been a badly voiced/hypocritical opinion but she's allowed one nonetheless. Feel less sorry for her now she's clearly lapping up the attention.

    Either way, I think everyone's missing the point. Zoe can make videos about whatever she likes, but everyone seems to forget (or even be blind to) the fact that she will never have an agenda of her own. Poor girl's a marketing puppet for Gleam, everything she says and does is designed - by them, not her - to make money. It's not about feminism, it's not about mental health, it's not about whether she makes bloody beauty videos or not, it's about Gleam making a profit.

    That's my two cents anyway. Yes, I'm a cynic.

  2. That last part sounds like it was written by a completely different person. Not at all surprised that she is a walking contradiction. I don't think people are revolting because Chloe expressed a different opinion, it's the way she expressed it in a way that was fundamentally insulting to a large amount of women. She went to my school so my sister has her on facebook and basically she has been moaning that 'tweens' who 'haven't even read her article' are sending her hate, without bothering to notice that a lot of people disagreeing are her peers and more experienced adult journalists with valid opinions and objections. In a comment one of her friends has expressed that WE the bloggers are jealous of her success (!). The fact that she thinks it's because she expressed an unpopular opinion just shows how ignorant she is!

    I wrote about it here:


  3. I'm not familiar with Zoella because I'm not a big youtube watcher, so I don't know much about her at all. I did go and look at Chloe's article just to see what was said. In the first or second paragraph she glosses over the fact that Zoella is a digital ambassador for a mental health charity and brings it back to "squealing over new mascara". She makes fun of her and tries to insinuate that because Zoella thinks that girls should fret less about their appearance, that she shouldn't be putting up youtube videos on how to apply makeup or whatever. What is the point of the article, exactly? She has just picked one particularly inoffensive youtuber and torn her to strips, why? Because she doesn't like her? Chloe Hamilton is also a woman with a big platform. Why doesn't she swallow some of her own advice and use her influence and position to spread positive messages instead of spreading bile?

  4. I had never heard of Zoella as I'm not a YouTuber but I had heard of Chloe as I sporadically read the Indy, but I never thought much about whether I liked her or not. I'm still not sure. Zoella does come across as beautifying girls as an important message which I personally don't agree with as for me beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I'm proud of her for her work with Mind as a digital ambassador which I feel is a much more important message whilst recognising the irony that her platform is influential because of her beauty YouTubes.

  5. She wanted to play the feminism card as it's such a hot debate right now but judging by this article she doesn't actually fully understand the concept. It's very east to write a crap article on someone with a huge fan base and have the views come pouring in but a lot more difficult to write something with actual substance which Miss Hamilton has proven to the world. I'm always surprised these non-articles are disguised as news but I guess that's just the society we live in these days. I only hope the recipients of this pathetic scrutiny such as Zoe don't take it to heart too much and use it as motivation to show how much they can achieve.
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  6. I have watched Zoe for a couple of years now and I have to say that I appreciate her honesty. I have seen at least one video of her just sobbing because she is anxious and doesn't want to leave the house. I think she offers a realistic role model to teenagers. I haven't read the article and, after what you have written, I am not going to send any traffic that way either.

    I don't recall having any role models as I grew up, other than my mum. If I was a teenager now, I would probably double my YouTube viewing time, but I don't know if I would use the people I saw as role models, I am just interested in how other people live their lives!

  7. I personally think that the article was a bit too harsh and personal , it seems like she is sending a message of hate. But I kind of agree with some of the ideas she mentioned, it's becoming too obvious that little teenage girls want to BE LIKE ZOELLA in everything not just the appearance... it's so easy to be influenced by an "every day " looking person who is showing you little clips on their life and some "almost perfect" moments of happiness and you thinks that THIS IS THE REAL LIFE. NO, it's not, and young people are so far from understanding this... Well I think that this whole concept on Vloging which is becoming an industry is corrupting and polluting little minds.


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