Sunday, 26 October 2014

I'm all about the socks, no trouble

The one thing that I didn’t realize, moving from London to Yorkshire, is that I would enjoy walking quite as much as I do. 

In the year that I have been here, I am proud to say that I have already worn out one pair of walking boots and the second pair are starting to feel a little sorry for themselves. What can I say, when I walk, I like to WALK. I have a thing for ruins and Yorkshire seems to be full of Abbeys that are not quite in their original condition. Fountain Abbey, Kirkstall Abbey, Bolton Abbey. All fabulous places set in beautiful countryside that you can just walk for ages. Malham Cove is also a favourite place of mine to visit with spectacular views. 

The one thing I learnt, FAST, is that you can have the best boots with the most waterproof of waterproofing but if you are wearing the wrong socks then, you aren’t going to be seeing the beautiful scenery, instead you are going to be crying on a tree stump somewhere, saying that you cannot walk another step and frightened that when you take off your boots they are going to be filled with blood. Yes, I’m a Drama Queen, no, my boots were not filled with blood.  (although it felt like it) 

Trainer socks with hiking boots, 


You NEED thick socks, (May I also recommend that when you buy your boots, you take with you a pair of thick socks to try on with the boots to make sure they fit correctly. The boots, not the socks) 

A great place that you can buy socks is Tesco Direct!!!  I know, it seems strange choosing your walking socks online but I find you get a wider choice, plus I love buying things from the comfort of my own home. 

High quality, WARM, and best of all, no boots full of blood. Everyone is a winner. 
If you enjoy walking, check out Tesco Direct here -> Walking socks for their lovely warm socks. They do children's ones too, let me know what you think. 

And if you have any Yorkshire walking recommendations, leave me a comment below. 

Big Fashionista x x x 

*post created in conjunction with Tesco Direct, words are all my own.


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