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Loose Women, Judy Finnigan and Rape

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the programme Loose Woman but it seems that yesterday they managed to create a huge stir, or rather Judy Finnigan did, during a segment about CONVICTED RAPIST, Ched Evans.

The segment, which I have now watched, was a discussion about whether Ched Evans should be able to go back to being a footballer after serving his time. (Well, 2 years of his time anyway, but that is a WHOLE other post)

Judy Finnigan when asked, made the point that "He had served his time" as well as going further with the following comments.

"The rape and I am not, please, by any means minimising any kind of rape - but the rape was not violent. He didn't cause any bodily harm to the person"

I'm going to jump in here and say, actually Judy, what you are exactly doing here IS minimising rape. You are categorising rape, you are trivialising rape and you are WRONG. There is not differing kinds of rape, rape is rape.

She also then went on to say. "It was unpleasant, in a hotel room, I believe, and she was - she had far too much to drink, and you know, that is reprehensible, but he has been convicted and he has served his time.



Let's throw in some victim blaming while we are at it. So it was a non violent rape and the victim had been drinking?

(I'm surprised no-one discussed a full pardon or back pay for him)

I understand now that Judy Finnigan has apologised for what she said, but it absolutely DISGUSTS me that it was even said in the first place.

How in 2014 can ANYONE still feel this way?

Whether violence played a part in a rape is IRRELEVANT.
Whether alcohol had been consumed is IRRELEVANT.




I am so angry with you.

It has also diverted away from the point originally made on Loose Women about whether Ched Evans should be able to go back to his role as a professional footballer when he gets out.

I would like to hear YOUR views on the subjects, both on Judy's comments and whether Ched Evans should be able to go back to football.

Let me know.

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  1. So disappointed with Judy. I expected better from her. As to whether he should be able to go back to professional football, I would have to say no. He has never acknowledged that he has done anything wrong, he was found guilty but didn't admit it. I believe that a distinction has to be made, especially given that he would be working in the public arena. By employing him given his lack of remorse, any club would be condoning his actions.

  2. What a disgusting comment to make. In my mind rape is an unwanted physical ATTACK on another person. Have a part of a persons body forcefully upon yours is violent, rape is a violent crime end of. Stupid ignorant comments make my blood boil, and no we won't get started the actual story of him returning to footie (short answer NO)

  3. 1. That comment is astonishing to hear especially from a woman. What if the victim had been her own daughter?!

    2. To let him go back to playing would be perpetuating the age-old notion that footballers (despite just being men kicking a ball about) are untouchable gods who can do no wrong.

  4. I really struggle with 'can a criminal go back to work'. I honestly don't know! Does the crime matter? After all actor Leslie Grantham killed a man, he still works. Does the job matter? Can a child molester still be a good plumber? And if we don't allow a convicted criminal to return to work then who pays to keep them for the rest of their lives? Some may argue that being let out of prison and then kept by the state is no punishment at all? What is the point of a prison sentence? And once served should a criminal be able to move on? As I said I have no idea.

    This bloke is scum, made worse in my view that he has shown no guilt, no remorse and no understanding of his crime so in his case I would be loathe to let him take a high profile job again.

  5. That is an absolutely AWFUL thing to say, I completely agree with you that there should be no 'this rape is worse than that rape' crap. And victim blaming is utterly wrong on every level. This makes me so mad.

  6. I said some quite strong words about her when I saw what she said. I'm still angry she still has a job. Many years ago (80's) a presenter made a flippant remark about rape after an article about Vikings. He was sacked immediately. How is this different? 30 years later?

  7. I think what she said was utterly wrong. I have no idea what she was even thinking, let alone giving voice to it. For a woman who has been in tv journalism for as long as she has and for all the rape and abuse victims she must have met she should know better and be ashamed of herself. Rape is sex without consent, regardless of how the girl looked, behaved and whether or not she was drunk, if she says no it's rape.

    As to whether he should get his job back, as Tattooed Mummy alluded to, the point of prison [should be] is rehabilitation. However, as he has shown no remorse I think any club itself should look very carefully at themselves for employing him. However as we know there are other famous footballers and sports stars who have abused women and not suffered long term.

  8. she's a total disgrace. how is it not violent to force your d*ck into a human being?!

  9. She's prehistoric in her attitudes and need an attitude adjustment quick smart because she's just belittled thousands of rape victims, and made a total embarrassment of herself into the bargain. Fool.

  10. Detestable words from an idiotic person (see how polite I'm being, take note! It happens rarely).

    Should he be given his job back? No, he's a sex offender and being a footballer, the whole fan adoration thing would enable him to possibly rape another young lady.
    I think if he had shown any remorse at all, people would be a tad more forgiving, however he hasn't and probably never will.

  11. I didn't see the show but I saw the reaction afterwards. I'm disgusted with her. For anyone in the public eye to even remotely justify rape is horrific, but for an independent, high-profile woman, a mother, to do it is sick. It just goes to show that the attitude is still out there, if he didn't beat the shit out of her, it wasn't rape. If she was drunk, it wasn't rape. I have no respect for the woman, not that I ever did but anyway. On the subject of whether the convict should be allowed to work again, I think he should be allowed to work, but I think he should be placed in manual labour in the community rather than in a position of privilege.

  12. I don't know much about Judy Finnigan but I believe she's got form for blurting out ill-informed nonsense like this. Trouble is for every person rightly outraged by this opinion, there will be another who will agree. I work in law enforcement and 'celebrities' coming out with rubbish to get publicity (in the main) really doesn't help public opinion. Let's not forget that the public make up juries and even though they are supposed to give a verdict based on the evidence not what they think, if only one juror believes Finnigan's opinion to be true then it makes our job that much harder. Let's be clear; Evans was convicted of a crime and has not expressed any remorse, he should not be allowed to resume his well paid job as if nothing has happened. Please sign the change.org petition, it's the least we can do.

  13. The words "the rape was not violent. He didn't cause any bodily harm to the person" should never have come out of her mouth. Someone said on my Facebook page that they thought it was Richard who was the knob in that family but some of it has obviously rubbed off.

    There's an unbelievable range of viewpoints on my blog post about it and it's an grown-up open discussion - just like on here. We have great readers & commenters, Kellie.


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