Friday, 3 October 2014

Nom or Vom

Now I have done this guy before (oh I like how that sounds) but let's face it, he just gets better with age. 

So this weeks Nom or Vom is an easy choice but I hope he inspires you to comment. 

And yes, he is off the market, even though he is an Oscar winning actor with a glittering Hollywood career, he completely married up. 

Ladies and Gents,

George Clooney? 

Nom or Vom

Once more, I ask. 

Nom or Vom?

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Nom im afraid, im sure he is a very nice man, but ive never really got it.

  2. All the noms, all the time. Nomity nom. Rach x

  3. Nah, it's very always been immune 😼

  4. Nom Nom Nom - My all time crush...if you discount Simon Le Bon!


  5. Nom for me. He just gets better with age

  6. EASY.......NOM!!!!! He does just get better with age doesn't he!


    Em's Mixed Bag.....


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