Friday, 24 October 2014

Nom or Vom

Ok so today's Nom or Vom I feel is definitely going to be a "marmite" type of Nom or Vom, you will either love him or hate him. You are not allowed to meh him, this is not, Nom or Vom or Meh. 

So this week I bring you a man who a lot of you fancy and you DON'T KNOW WHY. 

Is it because he has been a bad man? Or because he can dance?

Ladies and gents I bring you, Jake Wood.

Would you like to swivel your hips against his? 

Jake Wood, Nom or Vom? 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Oh NOM. I have no idea why.. well I do it's the twinkle in his eye, don't give a s*** attitude as Max, and oh my can that man shake it!!

  2. Vom. Although I accept that might change if I saw him dance.

  3. All the nom, have for years.

  4. I am absolutely LOVING his epic hip action on Strictly and am totally rooting for him to win but... he just reminds me far, far too much of my father in law for it to be a nom. I think it's the baldness and ginger beard. Although, having said that, even Max Branning is less of a wanker than my father in law.

  5. VOM, does absolutely nothing for me

  6. Vom. His lopsided smirk creeps me out a bit.

  7. VOM but also NOM.....he is odd but such a ladies man!


  8. Vom, gross, that's two in a row, what are you trying to do to me, put me off men forever?

  9. Pahahaha VOM!!! We frequently play snog, mary or kill with Max, Phil and Ian.


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