Thursday, 9 October 2014

Opinions and Arseholes

It realllllllly doesn't take a lot to get me raging, and today I AM RAGING.

I have blogged for over 5 years now, I LOVE blogging, I love bloggers, and I ALWAYS have an opinion and the one thing that I say is that people are welcome to disagree with my opinions as long as they do it in a calm manner.

"Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one"

What I cannot stand to see, is a blogger being abused so badly that they have to TAKE down a post that they have written.


If you are not aware of then may I suggest you get your fine self over there, spend a month or two acquainting yourself with their blog and then come back.

I'll wait.

"What" I hear you say, "Did they say that was SO awful that they had to take down their posts"

Let me tell you, they blogged about a child getting run over and the need for cycle helmets to be worn.


Someone who has seen, first-hand the damage that can be done, pleads for adults to get children to wear their helmets and not only do they get abuse, they get "reported to the police"

What I suggest is that people take their hands, put them out in front of themselves and get a bloody grip.

There is no need for abuse, talk to people, explain why you may feel differently but for the love of god there is no need for sheer numbers of people to send abuse, call the police, oh and inform their employers over a paramedic begging for people to wear helmets.


and if you feel that you CANNOT give your opinions without resorting to abuse and name calling, this one is for you.

What do you think? I would love your opinions on this one. 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x x 



  1. The post was just about getting cyclists to wear helmets? No, it encouraged drivers to shout at cyclists for not riding in the gutter or not wearing a helmet. Shouting at cyclists form a car is dangerous and perpetuates the myth that cyclists should not be on the road.

    The pictures were taken without consent form victims who had nothing to do with the story. Maybe you think it's ok to use random pictures of dead people and lie about who they are? Feel free to explain to their families who may stumble upon it.

    You are free to gloss over the points the cyclists were making but don;t expect not to be pulled up on it.

    1. And yet you too are glossing over points. The sheer abuse they have received is vile.

    2. I have no idea about any threats, none could be seen so I don't have any evidence of it one way or the other. I'm not calling you a liar, but there's no way of anyone knowing the truth

      There was an awful lot of people claiming she was lying about events, stealing the photos of unrelated dead victims and asking to clarify. That is not abuse. One of her followers posted a tweet about stupid cyclists, don;t worry, lorries will sort them out. It has been taken down (but someone has a cached version). This is hurrendous and what can happen when people post this type of nonsense.

      So, to clarify, can you please let me know if using dead people's photos is ok? Is it also ok to use a position of authority to say another road user is an idiot when you provide no evidence to back it up? And is it ok to encourage motorists to shout at cyclists for things they think are correct which are not?

    3. I have no idea about any photos, none can be seen so I don't have any evidence one way or the other.
      I'm not calling you a liar, but there's no way of anyone knowing the truth.


    4. You're quite right, all evidence no longer available. What we're left with is someone in a position of authority who should know better apologising, covering their tracks, removing all offending posts and is now left potentially in some hot water with their employer for doing something she has apparently been reprimanded for before - posting nonsense on social media.

      Seems a fitting end to me. ;D

  2. Oh, and I believe it was taken down for damage limitation as posting such nonsense when being a paramedic may not be seen in very good light by her employers, particularly when she could not back up anything she wrote and has since showed up n another forum admitting what she wrote was far from ideal.

    1. She apologised for calling cyclists, idiots.
      Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  3. I'm sorry you were upset by the threats of violence that nobody else saw Big Fashionista.

    I'll tell you what makes me upset. Aggressive drivers who use their vehicles as weapons to intimidate and bully vulnerable road users. The attitude of these drivers is encouraged by the filth your friend wrote. She slagged off dead people by claiming 90% of dead cyclists only have themselves to blame. She lied about dead people to bolster her sordid, inciteful web page. She invented statistics to pretend that cyclists are at fault in fatal RTCs. She even used a photo of a real-life fatal RTC and pretended it was relevant. She used a photo of a man's brains dashed out on the road.

    Ella Shaw encouraged people to shout at cyclists doing NOTHING wrong. When I'm cycling I don't want people to shout at me because I'm concentrating on staying alive. Encouraging people to shout at cyclists is a bloody stupid, reckless and dangerous thing to do.

    Ella Shaw called people "idiots" because she doesn't like their opinion.

    She attacked cyclists who are riding in the government proscribed manner, in other words she slagged cyclists off for the crime of trying to stay alive.

    Now, lots of people think helmets are the answer to making the roads safer. That's fine, they don't get abuse on the internet. But don't you frigging dare pretend that Ella is the victim here. Ella chose to lie about dead people who can't defend themselves, that was her choice, nobody made her write those words. She felt she could reach common ground with her pals, like the one who "joked" about killing cyclists.

    Your friend is a grubby, dishonest person. Either you haven't been following what's been happening or you are deliberately trying to cover up for her.

    1. Before we carry on here, can I ask about me being upset about "threats of violence" because if you are here to put words in my mouth, you can refrain from posting again. Thank you.

  4. I beg your pardon, Ella is the one claiming threats of violence, threats nobody else saw.

    You claimed:

    " there is no need for sheer numbers of people to send abuse, call the police, oh and inform their employers over a paramedic begging for people to wear helmets.

    which is a gross distortion of what happened. Ella wasn't threatened with the police for endorsing helmets, what rubbish. She splashed all over her blog the story of a real child who was seriously injured and hitched his private, personal tragedy to her misguided, hate-filled campaign of dishonesty. If your child was seriously injured would you want the paramedic to hijack your grief and exploit the situation to their own ends?

    Ella WAS NOT on the receiving end of outrage from cyclists for supporting helmets, that's poppycock.

    1. Please don't come back with faux outrage when you were the one who started with the words "threats of violence". I then asked you to back up your statement and now you are acting outraged? Really?

  5. Err, no, you were the one claiming that Ella was attacked for her helmet stance. That's a lie. You've now ignored that point twice, even after I've apologised for misattributing the claim about violent threats.

    I made a mistake, I make lots of mistakes and apologise when I'm wrong.

    You're a liar.

  6. And you're out of here. Rudeness will not be tolerated. Every comment you have made, up until now has been published until you kind of proved my point by lowering yourself to name calling.

    You just earned yourself a time out my friend.

  7. Why not read her views on blogging at

    ". Well, jump forward two year, 1,000,000 blog hits later and finalist in various blog competitions, those words and threats mean nothing. Remember, write for you and only you! Also, you write about a controversial subject you are guaranteeing negativity. Personally, I enjoy being the fox in the hen house. I'm an opinionated know it all and will say what I think! That may not be your style, but if it is, expect the agro that can and will follow!"

    Apparently she does not like being a fox when she has stirred up a hornet's nest.

    However you have jumped in feet first on a subject you know seemingly nothing about. Shouldn't you have investigated before blogging?

  8. Can you how me where Ella Shaw has been subjected to abuse and threats?

    What has happened isn't about Ella promoting cycle helmet use. If you read the three blog posts she's made about cyclists (now removed but links to cached versions are available on cyclechat), you'll see she holds some pretty unpleasant views about cyclists and has spouted quite a lot of the usual ill informed anti cyclist nonsense about road tax, red light jumping, lane hogging etc etc
    The main issues that have led to objections as far as I can see are that her professional role as a paramedic lends weight to her views, and she has a professional responsibility to ensure that any view expressed is an accurate reflection of the evidence base. Well Ella Shaws views aren't, in fact much of what she has written is entirely contrary to the evidence base.
    And then there's the unpleasant way in which she's conducted herself referring to anyone who doesn't wear a helmet as an idiot, accusing people who disagree with her of threatening and harassing her when they've actually challenged her in a perfectly reasonable manner.
    Now she may well have received some abuse privately, but I've seen not one shred of that on any of the social networks she posted on today and when invited to provide evidence of abuse she has failed to do so.
    The effect of all this is that her followers have then jumped to her defense, without seeing any evidence of this alleged abuse and started publishing your own unpleasantness. Did you see the awful post by another paramedic about lorry's "sorting out" cyclists and the awful photo posted with it? Your own post here is quite unpleasant, and whilst I appreciate you're just trying to defend your friend, well I really think you might consider whether her behavior in this matter is worthy of your defense.
    All this matters because every day when out on our bikes, cyclists are subject to awful, dangerous abuse by blinkered motorists who are sucked in by this awful vitriol. There's some weird cultural, irrational hatred of those of us who choose to get about by bike.
    I'm just an ordinary woman, a wife, a mum, a nurse, a daughter. I ride a step thorough bike with flowery pannier bags, I ride it safely, legally, courteously yet every day I'm shouted at, close passed, left hooked, driven at. People just don't care and I don't matter because people have read blogs like Ella's about what selfish, spiteful, nasty, evil, spongers cyclists are.
    Recently a driver threatened to kill me, chased me through the streets and then deliberately ran me over. Why? Because there wasn't enough room for him to pass me on a single lane road and the few seconds added to his journey made him furious.
    These vitriolic views expressed publicly by the likes of Ella Shaw aren't harmless at all, they're feeding the terrible road rage that people's lives are blighted by daily,

  9. Anon abuse and death threats, not ok.

    Telling cyclists they should never ride in the middle of the road, when frequently it's far safer than riding within dooring-width of parked cars, also not ok. Same applies to inciting people to shout at any cyclists not wearing helmets (FWIW, 20 years of mandatory hemet legislation in Australia has done nothing to improve the rate of injuries per km cycled)

    I was happy to see your friend actually trying to engage with the discussion over at cyclechat .net - I thought she comported herself pretty well. But I'm also happy she withdrew the posts in question; posts such as the ones withdrawn really can make the world a more dangerous place.

    1. Even I've now experienced a level of abuse that goes far beyond what is needed, it really is a case of two wrongs don't make a right.

      People keep also trying to link to a cache of the deleted post which I won't allow. The post was deleted, as requested, and now people keep wanting to bring it back. Damned if you do......

      Yes, Ella tried to discuss and apologise for certain parts, that thread is not pretty reading though, is it?


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