Monday, 3 November 2014

Bedroom Athletics

So I'm sure we all know the story that originally Cinderella originally wore fur slippers not glass ones? (apparently this isn't true according to snopes but it works with this post so just roll with me here) 

IF Cinderella truly wore fur slippers then she was missing a trick, what she SHOULD have worn are my new Harris Tweed slippers from Bedroom Athletics (Yes I KNOW there is another track I could have taken this post down but I'm being CLASSY today, ok?) 

Now what soon-to-be Princess could resist some Harris Tweed slippers from Bedroom Athletics? (Giggle, bedroom athletics, giggle. Sorry, sorry) 

I know I can't. 

LOOK how gorgeous they are.

Incredibly well made, these slippers are British made and have a superb thick grip sole on the bottom that means you can run direct to your carriage if you so desire. 

You can purchase from Bedroom Athletics here ->; 

I'm now eyeing up a pretty grey onesie that will go perfectly with my new slippers, 

Who needs a ballgown when you've got Bedroom Athletics? 

And unlike Cinderella I won't be leaving one of them behind, not even for a prince. 

Do you love my new slippers? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista 

*product sent for review purposes. 


  1. This is not what I expected this post to be about!
    They are gorgeous though :)

  2. I too was sucked in by the post title and was very surprised to see that it was about slippers! Very classy!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench


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