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Guns, Justice and Michael Brown

In all the years that I have blogged I have never shied away from the difficult posts. There have been times when I haven't blogged about my personal issues or situations because I choose to keep some of my private life, private, but I always find this to be a place where I can say my piece and then people read it and then know that they are more than welcome to disagree with me or try to show me a differing opinion as long as they don't lower themselves to using bad words. 

The one thing that I haven't talked about on Big Fashionista is the situation in Ferguson. Whether it is because I am British, white, or because I am just so far away from understanding what the hell has happened in Ferguson, it is not something that I have chosen to write about before now 

Even now, as Ferguson burns and the parents of Michael Brown feel as if they have lost their son all over again due to the Grand Jury deciding not to indict Darrwn Wilson, I am at a loss to explain why this has all happened. 

My genuine opinion here is that no-one should be shot dead by the police. Here in the UK we manage not to shoot people often, as a rule our police force do not even carry guns. We do ok. 

I truly do not understand why, in the USA after SO many people, children and innocents have lost their lives over the years in accidental shootings, school shootings and murders, many people in the USA want to hold on to the very thing that kills their children. Perhaps because I have not been brought up with guns being part of my everyday life but I cannot, just CANNOT, understand why people want to own guns. Guns are to kill things, and for me, that is unacceptable. When you own a gun, using it is an option, a choice. I don't think I would want that choice. 

What concerns me the most in ALL of this situation is hearing people saying that Michael Brown deserved it, he was a thief, a troublemaker, he stole. Therefore he got what he deserved. 

What he DESERVED was the same consideration that was given to Darren Wilson. A trial. A jury of HIS peers deciding whether he committed a criminal act and should be punished for it in a COURT OF LAW. 

That would have been justice in my opinion. 

Not trial by media. After his death. 

But instead, another American family have lost their child, and I find it heartbreaking in this day and age that happens to anyone. 

Justice served no one I feel. 

What do you think? 

Let me know.

As always, feel free to disagree with me. Just lets not use bad words. 

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Excellent post. I do not understand Americans and their guns. I had a gun held to my head during a robbery. I don't even want any future children I have to play with toy guns as when I see them my heart races for a few seconds still.

    1. God yes. I agree. Have you seen the Tamir Rice details coming out of America now?

  2. I was bought up as a farmers daughter, and so we did have guns around, were familiar with stories of how birds wouldn't fly over my dads farm when he and his brother were kids as theywould shoot at anything. And yet we always had a proper respect for how dangerous gyns were, and like you, I find guns terrifying.
    I am grateful that I live in a country with such tight gun controls.
    I have tried very hard to put myself in the shoes of the police in Ferguson. I apreciate that unlike our police officers, they do really face the threat of being shot at on a daily basis, but still I can't condone what they did. As I write this the news reports that the officer has broke his silence and says he feels no regret for what he did. That attitude is quite scary and very wrong.

    1. For me I cannot understand the no regret part. He took someone's life. Surely you would want to do that differently if given a second chance?

  3. I'm not sure, in this instance, that guns are the issue at the heart of the problem. Racism is. Most of the mass murderers/serial killers I remember of have been white. Hasn't the US been in this situation before, quite recently when a security guard shot and killed a black teenager? I saw an RT on my twitter feed which showed the photographs of two criminals wanted for multiple murders, both were brought to justice intact and unharmed. Both were white. There seems to me to be a fundamental problem in their system, with the additional looming spectre of gun availability. In the UK we put a name to it, 'Institutionalised Racism'. I can't imagine how I would feel as a parent to know your child was gunned down by a man in a uniform hired to protect me and people like me, and to know he will face no consequences for his actions. And he has no regrets. If this is their police and justice system, who is there for them when there is need?

    1. I saw that picture too must admit. And when a white person shoots up a school or kills people in a cinema, it seems the media always talk about mental issues.

  4. What he DESERVED was the same consideration that was given to Darren Wilson. A trial. A jury of HIS peers deciding whether he committed a criminal act and should be punished for it in a COURT OF LAW.

    Yes, this. Because Michael Brown got the death penalty, without even so much as being arrested, let alone charged or taken to trial. That is unacceptable, regardless of his race. So much brutality in supposedly the most forward western nation, and all of it down to one constitutional 'right' to bear arms - it's sickening.

    1. Extremely sickening. You pulled out the paragraph that I feel most strongly about. Justice was not served to Michael Brown.


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