Friday, 7 November 2014

Nom or Vom?

 Yes. I know we have probably had this guy before but my blog, my rules (especially when I'm still sulking that you didn't enjoy my halloween offerings) 

So this week you will have a classic Nom or Vom and you will ENJOY HIM. And you will COMMENT on him. 

(I have the rememnants of a migraine, I'm touchy) 

Ladies and Gents I bring you this week's Nom or Vom.

The delectable Matthew McConnaughy

it's over to you, 

Matthew Mcconaughey,

Nom or Vom? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. I would nom him until there's nothing left to nom... *licks lips with a glint in the eye*

  2. Thumbs-up from me. It's a curious thing though, all the gorgeous well known men who do perfume ads are all airbrushed to sterility, effectively losing whatever appeal they had that made the company give them the job. He comes out of it pretty well though :)

  3. I really can't decide on this one, i think im edging more towards nom x

  4. I must say this is something I've not seen before as a blog feature! But, I'm saying vom.

    ~ K

  5. I'm ambivalent really, bit more vom than nom

  6. Every since the day I clapped eyes on him NOM NOM NOM. I like the fact he's a bit of a hippy stoner too, bongos in the back garden naked kinda thing. The accent too...DREAMY!!!


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