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Ox Pasture Hall, Short and Suite

"If you are not lucky enough to live in Yorkshire, then the next best thing you can do is visit Yorkshire" - Kellie Brown, 2014

If you do visit Yorkshire, one place that I highly recommend visiting is the beautiful coastal town of Scarborough. Scarborough is in North Yorkshire and has beautiful bays with lovely beaches, a picturesque harbour and some fascinating points of interest that are enough to keep everyone happy. Scarborough is a beautiful, beautiful place.

Just ten minutes down the road from the coast, nestled cosily into 17 acres of grounds is a gem of a hotel called Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, I was lucky enough to be invited to stay overnight in the hotel last week and I won't even apologise for the number of pictures I am going to share with you on this post.

I could tell you how beautiful the grounds were, with little snugs everywhere so that you can sit, relax and enjoy the view. 

I could wax lyrical about the size of the suites and how comfortable the beds were.

I could bore you with stories about how the staff were not just professional but warm and welcoming too. 

I could make you envious with tales of how skilled the chefs are and how exquisite our meals were. 

I could even tell you how the taps in the bathroom were just perfection. 

But then I thought, why not just show you?

The grounds of Ox Pasture Hall are something that the hotel is rightly proud of. There are so many places to sit and relax. There are discreet seating areas dotted around the grounds where you can sit and talk, or do as we did in the evening and just sit and watch the setting sun. The grounds are beautifully tended and lit perfectly at night so that it flatters the surrounding area with soft lighting, enough to see and yet appreciate the beauty of the darkness. The hotel is bathed in a warm glow at night making it extremely impressive and welcoming.

I have genuinely never enjoyed myself as much or relaxed as much as I did on my overnight stay at Ox Pasture. It would be EASY to say, "Oh she is only saying this because she got it for free" or "Well she has to be nice in a review" but that isn't how I work. I am lucky enough to have stayed in some beautiful hotels over the last year and this is by far the best hotel I have stayed in and the most relaxing break I have taken.

The inside of the hotel is just as inviting.

The beds were huge and comfortable, the bathroom was fantastic, in fact I could have easily slept in the huge bath, so large was the bathroom. The style of the taps just rocked my world, I think I need these taps in my life and you do not want to get me started on the fluffiness of both the towels and the bathrobes.

I want to talk about the food in a separate post as it was too delicious to just be a footnote here, if you did want to find out more about dining at Ox Pasture Hall in the meantime, you can find out more here, Ox Pasture Dining but I will give you just a small peek at the quality and presentation of my evening meal.

Another point to note is that the hotel is pet friendly, something which can be difficult to find, especially in a hotel of this class but Ox Pasture welcome dogs with open arms. They even allow your dog to dine with you in the bistro/bar area and the staff were quick to provide us with a dog bowl to be able to keep in the room.

Something that has become increasingly popular these days is hotels offering wedding packages. Ox Pasture is licensed for civil weddings and partnerships and has incredible facilities to hold your reception in the grounds. If you are interested in perhaps holding your wedding at Ox Pasture, you can find out more here. Ox Pasture Hall Wedding facilities

I can show you hundreds more pictures, each one as breathtaking as the last, but it is only a small glimpse into the beautiful world of Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. We spent one night at the hotel and it was superb.

Would I go back?

Yes I would.

Will I go back?

I will.

Ox Pasture is not a cheap bed and breakfast in Scarborough, this is a boutique hotel with all the comforts of a country home where one night is the relaxation equivalent of a short break somewhere else. If you gave me the choice of a couple of nights away elsewhere or one night away at Ox Pasture then there is no doubt that I would spend my time wrapped in a dressing gown admiring the beautiful views at Ox Pasture.

And if you stayed there too. you would agree with me.

Quality far outweighs quantity and Ox Pasture is most DEFINITELY a high quality place to stay.

I would love your opinion on Ox Pasture Hall and this post, have you stayed there, or would you want to? Has my post persuaded you to go pay them a visit?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Looks wonderful....JEALOUS!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing. And you are not the only one getting giddy over those taps! I think I'd have had them running almost constantly!

    I think you have persuaded me already, and that's without the food post. Can't wait to see that.

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench


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