Thursday, 20 November 2014

What Would Willow Do?

After reading the interview with Jaden and Willow Smith in Time Magazine on Tuesday, I wondered, can I too live and learn by and from the teachings of the Smiths. (not you, Morrisey, sit down) 

I decided to spend some time following the ways of Willow and Jaden because, well you know, living. 

Waking up in the morning is always hard for me so for my first foray into the world of the Smith children, I decided to heed the words of 16 yr old actor and musician, Jaden Smith who stated "the huge, terrible thing in the world would be missing by not expressing yourself... So I told my alarm to F off and went back to sleep for half an hour. 

This now meant that I was going to be late, but in following my new gurus I knew I had an opportunity to put this right. Willow states that she can make time go slow or fast, and that's why she knows it doesn't exist. 

Alrighty then. 

Unfortunately, neither Willow or Jaden explain how they do this. So I just set the clocks back half an hour in my house. Done. 

By this point in the morning I was fully understanding what they had meant by "The feeling of being like, this is a fragment, of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made" but then I realised I hadn't had my morning coffee yet. Phew, I'm feeling ya, guys. Really feeling your pain. 

Next was the school run, Willow and Jaden state that "School is not authentic, because it ends. It's not true, it's not real"

I thought that to be truly authentic, that perhaps I too should keep my teenage children home from school so that they can be less "angsty" and less "tired" but then I realised that we would probably not all make it to the end of the day in one piece, and let's face it, I'm not that stupid. Bye bye, teenagers of mine. Try not to let the door hit you on the way out the house. 

I quickly check through the teachings of the Smiths once again to see if there is anything in there about not drinking tea and coffee. Thankfully they seem to have avoided any mention of not taking in caffeine, so I have a cup of tea and I think about leaving the house (PARKLIFE) 

Firstly I have to write a novel, because I have nothing to read. I decide that a small poem will have to do. 

Roses are red,
Hydrangeas are blue
Because of the ph levels in the soil 

I really feel that I am just starting to GET these people. 

I dwell on the fact that Willow talks about how you have to breathe to live and I try to get in touch with the "sacred space of my heart" for a while, but that's hard. So I just breathe in and out for a bit instead and feel proud, coz you know? Living. 

At this point, I decide that I now know everything that there is to know about everything. 

Thank you Willow and Jaden, just keep on, you know? Living. 

What do you think? Have you read the Willow and Jaden article? Have you too learnt from the teachings of the Smiths? Join us, or leave me a comment, either or.

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Oh what it must be to have famous parents that give you the time, space, money and opportunities to develop into truly pretentious twats!!

  2. OMG you too funny!


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