Monday, 10 November 2014

Words that make you giggle

It's Monday, I'm moody and unless Bradley Cooper knocks on my door naked, waving both hands and bringing me ring doughnuts, (think about it) then I can't see today being a winner.

So I am thinking about words that make me giggle. 



Phalanges is an amazing word, it NEVER fails to bring a smile to my face. How can you not giggle at the word phalanges?

I also like the word douche but that's more as an insult really. 



Is there a word that cracks you up? Or puts a little smile on your face when you are feeling blue? 

PS, Bradley, feel free to knock. 

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Pulled pork. I know its food and should therefor be taken very seriously, but when people tweet that they are getting ready to pull their pork, well what is a girl to think!!
    I have also fallen in love with the most awesome insult words since using twitter, but I think you should do a different post for them.

    1. Pahahaha....! So true - are we the (slightly older) female equivalents of Beavis and Butthead? Pfnar pfnar...

  2. "Moist" son's ex couldn't hear the word without blushing the brightest red...obviously, being the lovely, caring person I am (shut up...!), I would introduce it into any conversation...! Also, "flange". Not a rude word but...just say it....see?!

  3. Flaps. I can't even type it without giggling.

  4. haha I love this! I can't think of a word that make me laugh, I'm sure there are loads though!
    Hedgehog has always made me chuckle to myself, hedge...hog.... it's just a bit weird really isn't it?


    1. This has absolutely cracked me up!

      Hedgehog. Lol

  5. One of my favourite curse words is Bum-flaps. It doesn't really mean anything but the girls at work think it sounds filthy.

    Also, the welsh word for microwave. Poptyping. Pure brilliance...

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench


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