Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Food For Thought

I am an ex-Londoner who now lives in Yorkshire, and there have been MANY, MANY, MANY differences that I have discovered since moving up here. 

Firstly, I am flipping freezing. No seriously, I have discovered various shades of blue that I now love just by not wearing gloves on a cold day. (you know, in JUNE) 

Secondly, people talk to you without WANTING anything (like your handbag, or mobile phone) 

DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE ROLL/BREADCAKE/BAP situation. Let me just say, wars have been started over less. 

But the one thing that I cannot grasp, just CANNOT, is the 




situation. This is all new to me, who would have thought that people did it differently to this!!! 

Here is how it is done up here.



Tea (with Supper thrown in for good luck)

I am all lost and confused. If someone invites me for dinner, are they inviting me for their dinner, or mine? Tea to me is just a drink, (and I drink coffee anyway) 

I take it that this is going to be one of those things that just varies from place to place, I am sure that I will get used to it. (IT IS A ROLL, A BLOODY ROLL) but maybe you can help make me feel better by letting me know what wording you use and whereabouts you are in the country?

Let me know.

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  1. Ha! It's breakfast, lunch, tea really. Dinner if we're being posh and tha' ;)

    Ps IT'S A COB! x

  2. Breakfast,
    dinner :D
    Although I'd possibly explode if I ate all of them in a day...

    And I'm a namby pamby southern softy (and proud of it!).

  3. Breakfast, dinner and tea for me too! And it's definitely a roll (what the hell is a breadcake? Just no)

    Alana xx

  4. Ahh, this is a problem I encounter often, but on the other side of the fence to you. Being a farmers daughter we have always had breakfast, dinner and tea, but it would seam that's old fashioned now 😒

  5. As a Lancashire Las living in the South, it's all the opposite way round for me. And until I moved to bread roll territory, it was a barm cake. Wider and flatter than rolls elsewhere, but definitely the universal bread roll of what was south Lancashire when I was living there (and has now been divided up between Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire)

  6. Lol yeah the move to Yorkshire was quite the eye-opener for me too. And to me it is, was and always has been a bad (other half says breadcake!) I've also developed 'dinner and tea' as people don't understand me when I say dinner for proper dinner lol. Gotta love it!

    1. This bread cake thing drives me mad. It's a roll.

  7. I used to work in a cafe and somebody once asked for a bacon 'barm' and I was so confused!

    I'm in Scotland (Edinburgh) and for me it's always breakfast, lunch, but then I'll use dinner/tea interchangeably for my evening meal! Although, I'd always use dinner if I was talking about a mote formal meal or eating out. Confusing eh?

  8. Breakfast, dinner and tea... You drink a brew and it's a barm cake for a roll x

  9. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea is served around 4-5 and is sandwiches and cake usually in lieu of dinner. Supper is an informal evening meal usually served later or a snack in the evening if you've had tea instead of dinner.

  10. I'm a breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner sort of northerner. Tea you eat at about 5ish, and dinner is from about half 6ish.

    It's a bread roll or a teacake. X

  11. North Somerset here and in our house it's breakfast, lunch, tea. And we call it a bread roll :)

  12. Breakfast, second breakfast, dinner, tea. With snacks in between of course.

  13. I've always said breakfast, lunch and dinner. My husband once didn't speak to me for two days because when we were a few months into our relationship he said he was come round in the evening and could I have tea ready. I made a cup of tea, he thought I was being a perdantic snob

  14. I'm from Newcastle and most people I know use breakfast, dinner, tea. For the bread thing its either a bun or stottie :) xo

  15. YEP I am a Southerner ... I do tea here as well !

  16. I'm in the north west but only half northern and I say breakfast, lunch, dinner. You drink tea. Also, it's bread roll. My husband who is a proper northerner used to say tea but he doesn't any more, same with him calling bread rolls, batches or barms.

  17. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper. If you were going to have all of them. But how would you have time?! (I'm a Londoner by birth and now live in Bucks)

  18. As I am living with a southerner, we have adopted Breakfast, Lunch and Tea as our meals now. Dinner no longer exists as it just causes mass confusion!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  19. North West Derbyshire born; Hampshire for 20+ years, now back in NE Derbyshire! Confused? Yep! Breakfast, dinner and tea unless I'm being posh and then it's lunch and dinner. But how about I throw in "muffin" as an alternative to bread roll, gap or barm cake. And teacake has currants in it and you toast it and smother it in butter! :-D Jude.x


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