Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Ex marks the spot

One thing I will fully admit to is that if I am on a bus or sitting somewhere drinking coffee and people are having a conversation, chances are, I will listen to what they are saying. (I will listen) SOMETIMES, you can't help but overhear what is going on as they are talking very loudly, (and sometimes you really have to strain to hear, damn you people wanting your quiet conversations) 

This time, while I was quietly minding my own business in Leeds City Centre, I overhead two men, both in their early twenties discussing why one of them had just dumped his girlfriend. 

I swear, if at any point they had moved away. I would have HAD to have followed them because the reason he gave was both astounding and amazing. I didn't know whether to high five him with my hand, or a chair.

The reason he gave for splitting up with the woman is because when they went out in his car and his music was playing.....

Are you ready for this? 


Now I don't know whether he was playing an album, or a playlist but apparently this happened on numerous occasions and it "did his cake in" 

Mmmmmmm cake. 

The other guy seemed to be agreeing with the dumper for his reasons and made reassuring noises in all the right places but, but, DUDE......

It's a song. I don't know if I could dump a man over him not playing my favourite song in the car, perhaps that's just me? Perhaps he has them lining up to date him and there are plenty more people out there who will HAPPILY listen to the Kaiser Chiefs with him. (I didn't recognise the track I'm afraid, it may be that she has a point) 

But it seemed to me to be a strange and quite weird reason for dumping someone, again, perhaps it's just me? 

So what I want to know is what is the strangest/weirdest/most pointless reason that you have dumped someone for? 

Can you outdo this guy? 

Or WOULD you dump someone for skipping your favourite song repeatedly?

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista 


  1. I might be able to top that. I once dumped a guy because of his shoea. He bought a pair so bad, but insiated on wearing them everywhere. I just couldn't go on!

  2. I was dumped by a guy several years back for getting a tattoo. He felt that It just projected the wrong image and he didn't feel comftable with it. Now this may have held some credibility as an excuse (no it doesn't) were it not for the fact that at the time we started dating, I already had 10!!!!

  3. Oh my actual GOD. I think I just LOLED out loud for everyone to hear. I wish I could have been witness to this conversation too. In fact, I think I'd have been terribly rude and joined in?!
    Rebecca xxx

  4. oh thank godness I'm not the only one who does this. I love listening in to conversations. Its' hugely entertaining, especially in a small village where everyone knows everyone else (and their business). If its really ridiculous I generally end up laughing out loud (the shit that gets said in a village coffee shop is bloody hilarious and downright gossipy) and making a fool out of myself...

  5. This makes me think of that text that went viral where that guy dumped a girlfriend because "you're rude to my cat and it makes me uncomfortable" now don't get me wrong I'm kinda in agreement, my cat is a complete shit, but he's MY complete shit and he's more badass than no man *insert finger snapping and hair flick* but seeing the reason in action did make me laugh.

  6. A friend of mine dumped her boyfriend over Christmas because he told her to be quiet...in front of HER parents...


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