Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Outrageous Baby Names

My story of the week so far has to be the couple that have been banned from calling their child Nutella.

Mmmmmmmm, Nutella.

Let us all just stop for a second and wonder WHY a couple would want to name their child Nutella, (I'm very very confused)

I'm all for individuality but Nutella? Really?

I'm actually torn here, I don't think that Nutella is a good name for a child AT ALL, but I I don't think a court should be able to step in and say what people can and cannot name their crotchfruit. 

I know that children tease and any child called Nutella would certainly get more than their fair share of teasing but is it not down to the parents?

I try to never sneer when I hear a celebrity naming their latest money-maker, I mean baby, something outrageous, individuality is a beautiful thing. And even if it is something so silly, like Nutella, a court? Telling people what they can and cannot call a child? 

I don't think I like this at all. 

How about you?

Do you have any thoughts on outrageous baby names?

Let me know.

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  1. Someone once told me 'a friend of a friend' (so you know, this is probably not true...) wanted to call her little girl Chlamydia. Apparently didn't know what it was, just thought it sounded pretty.

    Dear lordy. x

  2. I am not one for the weird names. But for me, parents should have the right to name their child any name. Although they should think about the kid rather than their own wish to name something unique,.
    But I dont think its right for someone to ban them or decide what thier child can and canoot be called

  3. Nutella certainly isn't my cup of tea, but not entirely sure it's the worst name that I have heard! She could be Ella for short? Assuming they had a girl of course. If they had a boy then I have no words.

  4. I think there was a case in the states recently where a neo-nazi couple were prevented from calling their child something that the courts classed as morally unacceptable. I think thats where the line is really - what is morally acceptable and what is not. Calling a kid something unfortunate but not rude or offensive well, I wouldn't do it personally but I don't see the problem with it

    1. They were wanting it call it Hitler or something along the lines. I remember seeing it on BBC. X

  5. How about Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii? Remember this story Kelly?

  6. There are two little boys who live a few doors down from me called Jago and Tor. Jago is very lucky, his dad wanted to call him Zebedee (he is a secondary school teacher, so cannot possibly be unaware of how that would damage his child!!) but his mother threatened to dissown both of them if he did.

  7. I worked in a gp practice for a couple of years and saw some awful biblical type names. Best left to 3000 year old prophets really. Also the name Amy. Three letters, all have a purpose. Oh no, parents couldn't leave it alone. Aiiiiiyyyymmmeeee. And any variation on that. Mind you, it's not a modern phenomenon, my late father had the middle name Thaelmann given to him by communist parents and named after the leader of the German communist party at the start of the Nazi era.


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