Thursday, 22 January 2015

Tracking apps and emotional abuse

Occasionally I read an article that even a few days later, still chills me to the bone.

THIS article,    


is terrifying me, absolutely terrifying me still and I cannot get it out of my mind.

If you haven't read the article, it is worth a read. The wife is being tracked so heavily by her husband that I wouldn't be surprised if he knew every BOWEL movement she makes, let alone anything else. He also tracks the children, and they are late teens, he can spy on her texts, listen to her phone calls, ANYTHING.

And she is comfortable with this, she feels safe and loved.

Now personally it would have me filing a restraining order faster than you can say the words, control issues, but she feels happy enough to not only be okay with it, but to share their story with the world.

Side note, it is interesting how he doesn't seem to have the same technology on his phone, if it is there for "safety" as they say, wouldn't it be wise to be able to track him for the sake of safety as well? hmmmmmmmmmmm, strange that.

Now I will not mock this woman, I will not tell her what she should or shouldn't do. How many people have been emotionally blackmailed slowly over the years to think that this behaviour is normal.

"He does it because he loves me" is a sentence that can send chills down my spine nine times out of ten.

But I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Controlling behaviour?

Concern for his families safety?

Is it innocent do you think? Or do you feel uneasy even reading the article.

Let me know

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  1. This was SUPER creepy. Also- she's a teacher and he's heard her talking to students. And then told her she should be more professional when speaking to them! The kids are from her first marriage too... I wonder what their dad makes of it?

    Anyway, I'd be getting a divorce. Pronto.

  2. I'm concerned that there are apps/programmes freely available that allow this to happen. It's a licence to stalk and intimidate. And as for feeling loved? She's deluded.

  3. He has HUGE issues and she has none. It says EVERYTHING about their relationship.

  4. I have a friend whose then new wife had a tracking app. he would text her when he left work and if he stopped in the pub or somewhere she would text him to say his "dot had stopped". I think its very controlling and concerning, but thats just my opinion.

  5. I just read the article and am horrified. Completely horrified. I understand that people live different styles of life but this seems like a massive breach of trust and a way to control the whole family. It gives me shivers.

  6. Woahhh!!! SO creepy. My phone would be turned off while I packed my stuff and got the hell out of there, followed by a phone call to my solicitor and the police for a restraining order. Holy moley that is just ridiculous. What right does he have to track her kids phones? It's a major invasion of privacy.

  7. There is a little part of me that absolutely LOVES this idea and would be in heaven if I had the audacity to do it. I'm so nosey I would revel in knowinh everything about everyone!! But even I realise that this is massively overstepping the bounds. Being marries to someone does bot mean they relinquish all rights to a life, thoughts and experiences without you. I definitely wouldn't be as calm about it as her, and would be very concerned at the skewed power balance tjis creates in what should be a union of equals

  8. This is so devastatingly sad. Sad that she thinks this a sign of love rather than obsession. I hope she eventually realizes before anything serious happens.

    The Crown Wings

  9. A tracker, yes. My other half has one on his phone so I can see where he is; not as bad as that sounds - he's a truck driver and sometimes when the "bitch in the box" is being stupid I can get a rough idea of where he is and "google map" him where he needs to go.
    The rest of it is just too weird; reading texts, listening to conversations!! The guy really has issues. But so does she for allowing him to. As for putting the app on my kids phones! Well hopefully their father will read this and do something about that!

  10. It is far too creepy for my liking and as you say why doesn't he have it installed on his phone as well? It has nothing to do with safety this about power over another person.

  11. Yep. Super creepy. You make a total valid point too, where is his tracker. For the sake of this woman/children I do hope that it really is the right decision to be with this guy still....
    Rebecca xxx


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