Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fruit-E Cigs Review. E-Cigarettes, I am a convert

I am a filthy, dirty person. Ok, I'm a smoker but for some people, there is no difference. I FULLY UNDERSTAND that as a smoker, I am a social pariah, forced to stand in the rain, snow, wind and hurricanes in order to get my fix like the poor addicted soul that I am.

Due to being brought up by parents that smoked, I have NEVER smoked in my house, or my partners house or in a place with my children. I basically haven't smoked a cigarette inside for eight years when they banned it, and I am ok with that.

But I am 39 years old and you know what? I don't want to be a slave to the nicotine anymore, I don't want to smell of smoke, crave something that can kill me or be a social outcast. (Although that may not be the cigarettes)

So when I was asked by Fruit E-Cigs if I would like to give one of their E-cigs a try, I was excited to give it a go. I had in the past tried one of the nicotine replacement cigarettes that looked like you were sicking on a small tampon but I had never tried an E-cig before.

Ok, I am a convert.

This is the starter pack I was sent. eGo CE4 Electronic Cigarette Kit and I used the Double Menthol flavour, I am sorry but I cannot yet wrap my head around the idea of using something like Ice Cream Flavour or Peanut Butter, But you know, if it is your bag, crack on.

Have I stopped smoking? Not yet. Have I cut down? HELLLLLLLL YES. I genuinely did not think that an E-cig would work, I thought it was a fad or a gimmick, I went four days without a single cigarette before someone brought me back 200 cigarettes duty free, You know how it goes, it is RUDE not to smoke them, right?

Will I continue to use it? Again, hell yes. I do want to stop smoking and I do feel that this is my best chance.

Many thanks to Fruit E-Cigs for showing me that there is an alternative, you can check them out here.


I am interested in whether other people use E-cigs and what they think of them, if you don't? I'd like to hear why? If you do, Check out Fruit-E Cigs.

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Good luck! I've used an e-cig for a couple of years now and I have saved a small fortune with it. I still can't give up my morning cigarette though....lol

  2. Ah good luck to you hun! I am sure you have heard this countless times but if I cam give up anyone can. I loved smoking and still crave it now and then or still think about them wjether it is when I am having a drink or affer a meal and I haven't smoked for five years. I think like anything hard you just learn to live without it. Do it in your own time, you will do it! Glad the e-cigs are helping


  3. I've been using e-cigs for a while now. They certainly work for me. Like you, I didn't want to use the fruity or sweet flavours. I wanted them to taste like cigarettes. They never do though and I'm now a convert onto the fruity and interesting flavours. The only thing I find though is that it's not long before they all taste the same. When I get a new juice the flavour is definitely very obvious but it's not long before the taste goes away. I've tried different brands of juice and it still happens. I also have 2 different brands of e-cig and the one I've had for a few months does seem less flavourful but maybe it's because my other one is very new. Who knows? Good luck though!

  4. I'm an e cig convert. Smoke free for a year. Better of financially and health wise. Only downside is I am addicted to vaping.

  5. The Allen Carr book worked for me, haven't touched one or wanted one in nearly 3 years. Husband stopped in 2012 out of pure thickness, pure willpower, I couldn't have done that. I never used an e-cig but I know a few people who do use them, I'd be a little wary of them just because they're so new and we don't know the risks of them but I think anything that helps cut down on cigs is good!


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